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President George W. Bush's announcement on December 5, 2003, that James A. Baker III would be sent post haste to handle Post-war Iraq/Iraqi debt may have been a surprise to some, but not to Baker and about a gazillion folks around the world, had they read their July 28, 2003 Independent/UK newspaper (online or otherwise). Recent speculation is that things have gotten "so bad" in Iraq, that a Poppy Bushite has had to come to the rescue. Nah! It's been the plan all along!

Reconstruction Role for James Baker May Herald Return of the Bush Old Guard:

"Mr Bush is considering asking Mr Baker, among his father's most trusted allies, to work alongside Paul Bremer, the head of the US-led civil authority. Mr Baker may be asked to concentrate on running Iraq's economy and the physical infrastructure while Mr Bremer focuses on developing an interim Iraqi administration."

12/6/03 11:50 (EST) AI