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I posted this article, which I completed on my MS Word browser. BTW, this is User:172 from Wikipedia. Since the Wikipedia server is down today, and I'm eager to post this new article, I'm posting it here on SourceWatch instead, if that's alright with everyone here. 172 16:07, 19 Jun 2004 (EDT)

-- Tks for filling us in on the artic. While I'm happy for you to edit and park it here temporarily, it really is better suited to Wikipedia than SourceWatch (our focus is on PR companies, think ranks, propaganda etc). So while it looks like a good article I suggest that when the Wiki server is back up that it be relocated there and deleted from SourceWatch. cheers - --Bob Burton 22:12, 19 Jun 2004 (EDT)

Oh, good point. Sorry about that. I kind of knew that; but since coverage of this topic is so clouded by the propaganda of the Washington think tanks and corporate media, which protrayed this as a hardline Communist coup that had to be crushed by the democratic Yeltsin, I figured that just making the effort to write a neutral article on the topic would be enough while I was posting it, before seeing your comments.

Still, as you were saying, it was written for Wikipedia, and all the constraints of Wikipedia's NPOV policies and conventional encyclopedic standards I guess rendered this article out of place here. On that note, perhaps I can rewrite this article here, and make the focus debunking all the common mythology in the West about the October 1993 events in Moscow. Should I blank the page until then? 172 01:27, 20 Jun 2004 (EDT)

-- If you think it could be re-written to more closely match the SourceWatch charter by all means go ahead. I guess my thinking was that as it was originally written more with a historical slant it would fit better at Wikipedia and link to more articles there. And, I would think, have a greater likelihood of evolving further. And, as far as possible, we aim to avoid duplicating Wikipedia articles (easier said than done I know).

So perhaps to get the best of both worlds you could post the original into Wikipedia and do a spin off rewritten version more closely matching the SourceWatch themes. Not sure where it would be most sensibly located -- maybe as a case study. The basic sketch of D's charter is in

Anyone else have any views on this? cheers --Bob Burton 05:30, 20 Jun 2004 (EDT)