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Edit notes

  • I removed the bolding as we generally avoid it unless there is a really important point to me made. Lots of bolding makes the page too hard to read.
  • I have added the full references for those that were included with the text.
  • The original text had a mention of SANE taking funds from GSK. It stated "such as GlaxoSmithKline [1] and various others shown below." I removed this as the reference link was to the "CEO's EHS excellence awards" page which stated that "In 2003 winning project teams nominated the following charitable organisations to receive donations:" and then included SANE. So while the funds were technically from GSK it is a little more tenuous link than the other identified projects as the winner could have given the $ to any charity and SANE didn't necessarily seek them or have prior knowledge about it. While they could have returned the funds, I would put this financial connection at the softer end of the spectrum compared to where they have applied for and been granted funding for a joint project with a drug company.
  • "In 2005, SANE endorsed a Janssen-Cilag [2]" - that reference doesn't mention SANE so I removed it.

Sane (UK)

Thank you Bob, it looks a lot better than it did and the help is really appreciated :)