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is a B2B marketing thought leader. Over the past 28 years, we have grown to be one of the mid Atlantic region’s top business-to-business agencies.  We are particularly strong in Public Relations, Advertising, and Interactive Services. Our clients are market leaders in Chemicals, Technology, Pharmaceuticals, Instrumentation, Software, Industrial Products, and Business Services. 

Sales-Centric Approach

“The purpose of your B2B company is to get and keep customers.” That’s what our sales-centric marketing approach is all about – to help you get and keep profitable customers. It’s all about sales. We don’t provide branding for branding’s sake, or hang our hat on vague advertising goals like “getting your name out there.” Unlike traditional ad agencies, our “thrill of victory” is not winning awards, although we often do.

We succeed by bringing your sales and marketing organizations together to form a single powerful selling machine. Call it a mindset. We believe sales is the only meaningful measure of an agency’s accountability that B2B executives can truly support.

To download Schubert’s “Sales-Centric Marketing: Time to walk to talk” visit

B2B Expertise

Schubert Communications has developed an in-depth business-to-business marketing expertise by working with hundreds of companies over the past 28 years. Our professionals are true B2B specialists who take a proactive, market-up approach to: research your markets, analyze your competitive situation, identify opportunities, and develop a strategic plan which gives you a competitive sales advantage.

Our B2B clients are leaders in their fields. We strive to get them there and keep them there. Our professional staff succeeds by working with both your marketing and sales organization to develop a powerful messaging strategy for delivery through mass media, interactive media, third-party editorial, and personal selling.


B2B marketing communications is an expertise not taught in any university. Unlike consumers who buy impulsively, business buyers are accountable to follow a buying process that can take weeks, months, or even years from initial inquiry to ordering.

Our unique B2B Sales-Centric Methodology mirrors the needs of your sales organization throughout the B2B sales cycle. To succeed, sales must find active buyers, make the short list, close the order, and retain customer loyalty. They need all the help they can get along the way. Our unique Schubert Sales-Centric Methodology guides the support process, integrates it with your marketing and sales organizations, and puts the marketing communications effort where your sales team most needs it to win.

Public Relations

B2B Public Relations is a core strength at Schubert Communications. With the Internet’s ever greater impact on traditional media channels, public relations is more important and effective than ever. Published feature articles about your company, your technology, your products and your customers work wonders. Our PR programs leverage the built-in credibility of third-party editorial endorsements. Schubert PR builds your brand awareness and makes it easier for Internet buyers to find you.


We see the market as an individual person, not as a dollar amount, a geographical breakdown, or vertical industries. SCI is very good at communicating to that person.

“The purpose of marketing is to help get and keep customers” We do not adhere to a separation of marketing from sales. Neither do we accept the notion that sales is nearsighted and marketing is farsighted. Our sales-centric marketing approach finds a common ground with sales so that everyone wins together -- short term and long term.


Interactive is at the heart of our B2B sales-centric marketing approach. Your Web site is now the most important “salesperson” in your organization. Traditionally, B2B sales began with a sales call. Not anymore. B2B buying habits have changed. Instead of salespeople going out to them on a sales call, prospects do or don’t find you on the Internet. At SCI, our interactive group knows how to get more visitors to your site, and how to sell when they get there.


The average business buyer is bombarded with thousands of messages every day. Our job is to help you break through the clutter with high-impact creative that grabs the undivided attention of your target audience.

As creative thinkers, we combine powerful images with persuasive copy to engage your prospects.

As business-savvy communicators, we base those choices on the reality of your market situation. The result –- stopping power. Compelling messages that ring true from the market's perspective.