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Is it possible to set up link colours etc. so that links to wikipedia or elsewhere 'off SourceWatch' are visible? Or should we always have a link to a SourceWatch article, one for one, so that consumerism can redirect to w:consumerism unless and until we feel the wikipedia one is so out of touch that we have to write our own?

Inquiring minds want to know, but no rush. I'll assume for now that we want only SourceWatch links in the text, and that links off-disinfo will be made as redirects if required.

I agree that the government of Ontario got itself off the hook for the contamination of the water supply in Walkerton, but the Koebel brothers are scarcely being scapegoated. They were grossly negligent in their management of the Walkerton water system, and the charges filed against them are far less serious than they should be.

Yes, but, that in itself causes people to direct more anger to them, less to the government. New propaganda techniques? Another word than scapegoat?

Adding to this, the Koebel brothers may have been grossly negligent, but that was "normal operations". Additionally, that is "normal operations" in many water and sewage plants around Ontario. A colleague of mine has been in them. Their staff quality in general is on a par with the Koebel standard for water operation.

My apologies to those in the water industry who are diligent, but that does not include Environment Ministry officials who overruled an initiative to take action against Walkerton for consistent violation of standards.

Additionally, there is the Minister and the Premier who ordered a cessation of monitoring of infractions and literally turned their backs on the Chief Health officer when advised in cabinet of the consequences of their actions. "Gross negligence causing death." When will those changes be laid against the Minister and the former Premier.

All that's true, but it's also true that the Koebel brothers fabricated test resultss, failed to warn people when they learned the water was contaminated, and were continually drunk on duty. Of course the Tories made it easier for the Koebels to get away with it, but everything could still easily have happened under the old regulations.