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AI, I see you did some research on Sheldon Adelson. I am not sure it it is germane, but Adelson attempted to set-up the current Democratic Congresswoman from Nevada, Berkeley, prior to her running, when she was one of his staff attorneys, by taping her advice to a direct query of his, and then releasing it to the press during her campaign. The question was something about how should he go about securing political power in Nevada, and Berkeley answered that he should contribute heavily into political campaigns. the local Right-wing daily paper smeared her for this, but didn't smear Adelson for passing along his private attorney communications, that he'd secretly taped.

Also, Adelson profited from the quasi-governmental Las Vegas Convention Authority's policy of attracting convention to Las Vegas, when he owned the largest computer tradeshow, COMDEX. Adelson had the foresight to realise how big COMDEX was going to get in the early 80's, and signed a long-term sweetheart leasing deal with the Convention Authority for their Convention Space. Each year he jacked the floor prices up hard for COMDEX, and when the sweetheart deal was about to expire, he sold COMDEX off lock stock and barrel to a Japanese Investment Group, which went bankrupt within two years. With the money he obtained from this tradeshow, he leveraged into his buyout of The Sands Hotel, and the building of the Venetian and Sands Convention Center. Now he claims that the Convention Authority is his direct competitor and should not be in the business of competing with private casinos.

The Convention Authority gets a major chunk of its funding from the City and County Hotel Room Taxes, and all hotels benefit from their promotions and convention business.

If you want some sourcing for any of this, message me, and I will oblige.

later --hugh_manateee 08:29, 30 October 2007 (EDT)