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s total revenue was NZ$564.4 million from 4.8 million tonnes of coal, of which 2.19 million tonnes were exported and 2.61 million tonnes were sold to customers in New Zealand. 44% of the coal sold in New Zealand was for use in coal-fired power stations with a further 31% sold for use in steel production. The company lists its major NZ customers as being -- in order of volume-- New Zealand Steel, Genesis Energy, McDonald's Lime, Holcim, Westland Dairy and Fonterra. The next largest consumer was 9% of sales to customers in the dairy sector and 4% each to companies in industrial processing and meat industries. Of export sales, Japan accounted for 37% of the volume, India 36%, Chile 12%, South Africa 9%, China only 3% and Australia and Europe 2% and 1% respectively.[1] In the last decade, the total amount of coal mined by Solid Energy has increased from just under 3 million tonnes in 1997 to 4.8 million tonnes in 2007.[2]

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