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Recommend deletion:

Relocated the following from the main article Special Unit for Counterintelligence Initiatives. A quick search found ZERO articles supporting this, as well as "Counterintelligence Initiatives" + DIA.

The Special Unit for Counterintelligence Initiatives is a covert division within the Defense Intelligence Agency. The organization is not officially recognized by the DIA or DOD. This agency oversees security-related policy and focuses primarily on countering the threat from foreign intelligence activities. Additionally, the unit assists FBI and military investigative agencies in DIA related to criminal and counterintelligence investigations and provides full-service forensic support to worldwide DIA missions.

--- I agree. What I'll do is post a note to Deepthroat explaining referencing policy, repost it to their talk page so that if they want to add it along with refs they can and delete the original.--Bob Burton 15:08, 25 Nov 2005 (EST)