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I am a Vietnam War veteran (1967-1973, U.S. Navy.) Having read the Washington Post articles and printing the "affidavits" and the official Navy documents from the WP website, I decided to try to talk to LARRY THURLOW on the phone. I got through to him in Bogue, Kansas, on Augusut 19th. THURLOW claims in his affidavit, "I never heard a shot", but his Navy documents put the LIE to what is in that affidavit. THURLOW back-pedaled when I asked him about the discrepancies in his recently signed affidavit and the official Navy records. His worse-than-lame excuse, "I lost the citation 20 years ago." It didn't take the Washington Post very long to get copies through the FOIA. THURLOW could have easily gotten copies from the military records center. BUT, THURLOW was trying to cover his dirty tracks and refused to release his military records. SO, the WP used the FOIA to get them.

THURLOW is LYING in his affidavit and in the TV ads. THURLOW claims John Kerry wrote the "after-action report" and FABRICATED IT, even though THURLOW was the more senior commander and would have, at the very least, contributed to it and read it. IT IS FOR SURE that THURLOW got a copy of the citation when he received his Bronze Star with V (valor---only given for heroism in combat.) So, if it contained false information, which he is now claiming it does over 30 years later (hostile fire references), why didn't he bring the "false" information to the attention of his commanding officer back then? THURLOW was an officer and could have been court-martialed for accepting a medal under false pretenses / falsely stated circumstances. BUT, THURLOW took the medal and the citation and NEVER SAID A WORD ABOUT IT FOR OVER 30 YEARS!

It is clear to me, after talking to THURLOW for over 1/2 hour, that THURLOW is (1) envious of Kerry and his political career(2) a Republican (he admitted it) (3) involved with the Bush Campaign (4) up to his ears with the "money boys" out of Texas, specifically Bob Perry (4) using the lingering political battles that came out of the Vietnam War to SMEAR KERRY! THURLOW and the rest of the SWIFT LIARS WILL DO ANYTHING TO SMEAR KERRY AND (THEY THINK) HELP BUSH (the AWOL) GET ANOTHER 4 YEARS TO FURTHER WRECK THE COUNTRY (THINK FASCISM!)

BOTTOM LINE: The SBVT group is a group of SWIFT LIARS and political snakes who have been bought and paid for by the Bush Campaign. John O'Neill's participation is especially onerous, since he has been PAID to attack Kerry all the way back to the Nixon administration! Corsi is a racist and a LIAR! Attorney Benjamin Ginsberg got caught working with the SBVT LIARS and the Bush Campaign. At least, he resigned. These DISHONORABLE veterans should all hang their heads in shame (BUT WON'T) AND BE SUED FOR SLANDER AND LIBEL AGAINST JOHN KERRY!