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I trimmed the following pars out of the section on Fundraising and the Swift Boats connection -- while it is relevant to sketch which company they use for their fundraising, the multiple steps between Campaign Solutions and the SWift Boaters is really tangential to an article on The Reform Institute and more relevant to the page on Campaign Solutions.--Bob Burton 16:41, 18 June 2008 (EDT)

The Donatelli Group, using its "primary segment" Campaign Solutions [1], is associated with Creative Response Concepts, the public relations firm that advised Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, the "organization that accused Kerry of inflating his Vietnam War record" during the 2004 presidential campaign.[2]
The Donatelli Group, which produced the RNC website [3], also created the SWIFTBOATVETSFORTRUTH.ORG website July 30, 2004, with Connell Donatelli Inc. (a.k.a. The Donatelli Group) as Registrant. Connell Donatelli Inc. was also listed as both Administrator and the Tech Organization for the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth website. [4]