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>On October 3, 1992 at the banquet following the 11th Air Force Reunion Air Force Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney made a surprise presentation of the P.O.W. medal to the members that were present, recognizing them 47 years after the fact.

General McInerney,

      Are you aware that approximately 200 other AAF personnel are being denied the POW medal?

Seems internees held in Siberia during WWII had their act together. They approached the powers-to-be as a group, obviously the right people, and since 1992 they are recipients of the POW medal. Figures show 218 USAAF and 62 Navy airmen.

What about the 200 or so internees of Wauwilermoos Prison in Switzerland? Only two have been awarded the POW medal. The first in 1996, and the second in 2006.

Last year the AFBCMR denied the POW medal to another internee of the prison.

Though extensive research, I discovered many errors in the Air Forces' justification.

I prepared a 4-page letter with 18 enclosures that justifies the POW medal to all internees of Wauwilermoos.

If anyone is interested to support these veterans and/or their next-of-kin, please contact me.

Yes, I went through the process contacting my Representatives in Congress. Accomplished zip.

Robert E. Johnson Surprise, Arizona