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Editing policy

I have rolled back the proposed edits by User Tomaria:

Tom Pravda: "In addition to his work with Res Publica,Tom has since 2003 been a member of the UK Diplomatic Service, where he has worked on EU trade and development policy, as an advisor to the Special Representative for Climate Change and most recently served as the UK Representative in Goma, DRC. He has also consulted extensively on political, security, research and advocacy issues for a range of clients, including the US State Department, the UNDP, the International Center for Transitional Justice and Oxford Analytica. He holds an MA from Balliol College, Oxford, where he received several academic scholarships and awards."

This edit replaces the previous text entirely, without any citation or reason why the prior text is inaccurate.

In future edits, please preserve pre-existing text, unless it is not accurate, and add a source for additional text.

Thank you! Lisa Graves