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General Criticism:

The article paints tort reform as being something that was invented in 1992 by Philip Morris. In fact, tort reform has a long history in common law countries going back to the mid 20th century. Most of the theory and practice behind reforms originated with academics [primarily at Oxford but also elsewhere], and although the reforms in some cases may benefit certain industries, in general the implementations have tended to be socialistic. Most reforms seek to reduce the administrative costs of adjudicating disputes in favor of more all-encompassing injury-compensation systems that provide victims with compensations regardless of whether they can find a solvent defendant who may have been at fault.

Although I have studied tort reform extensively, [including at Oxford University], I do not have time or inclination to make the necessary changes. One who is so interested might consider any of the numerous texts that have been put out with titles based on some variation of the term "tort reform" or "injury law reform".

In the current state, the article describes a small subsegment of the greater American tort reform movement. It is at least as misleading as the sources it seeks to discredit. Lawman123 22:07, 24 March 2008 (EDT)