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A quick "Who Is" search produced the following information about Versar, Inc.'s Homeland Defense web site -- : Network Solutions (Netsol; formerly VeriSign) IP created 1999-01-13, updated 2001-05-24. Source:

Please note that the web site is NOT focused on "homeland security"; it is entitled "homeland defense".

Question! Where in the timeline does the securing a web site entitled "homeland defense" fit in ... particularly in January 1999/May 2001??

AI 5/13/03 08:55 (EST)

From "Raging Bull" postings, March 21, 2003:

"Lobbying starts for contracts: WASHINGTON, March 21

"In a matter of days the Bush administration is expected to award a series of contracts that could total $900 million for rehabilitation of roads and other infrastructure and to administer Iraq?s ports and airports. Five large U.S. engineering and construction companies, including Bechtel and Halliburton, were asked to bid for the assignment last month.]

"business & labor U.S. Agency Seeks Bids for Rebuilding Iraq (3/10/03)

"The U.S. Agency for International Development says that that it has asked a select group of U.S. engineering firms to bid on a contract that could be worth $900 million to rebuild a postwar Iraq.

"Bechtel Corp., San Francisco, and Washington Group International Inc., Boise, say that they are responding or have responded to the RFP. Other large U.S. engineering firms contacted by ENR did not respond by's deadline on March 10.

"Jack Herrmann, Washington Group vice president for corporate communications, says they [sic] company is talking to federal agencies in two areas, rebuilding Iraq and also destroying chemical, biological and nuclear weapons in that country.

"Versar's resources and expertise in security work have drawn interest from large E&C firms looking to compete in the new niche. 'The big guys are being really nice to us,' says Abram. 'They want us to be on their teams.' Another draw is the firm's designation as a small business under certain federal rules because it has less than 500 employees.

"Such alliances are drawing Versar into larger contracts than they otherwise would be able to tackle. The firm is teaming with one of five existing contractors to the Defense Threat Reduction Agency for two chemical and biological threat reduction task orders worth more than $200 million. The prime contractors are Washington Group Inc., Parsons Corp., Raytheon Inc., Bechtel Group Inc. and Halliburton Company Brown & Root, but Kendall will not identify Versar's teaming partner. Contract award is expected next month. New emphasis on global defense threats may also pull the firm onto teams that are scouting chemical and biological waste sites and production facilities in the former Soviet Union.

"Expertise gleaned from Versar's work in decontamination is proving useful in design of new facilities. Using stainless steel surfaces instead of porous ones reduces contaminant absorption, says Anastos. 'We know where the problems are and how to select materials,' he says.

"Dr. Ted Prociv, President and CEO of Versar, said, 'As the former Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army responsible for Chemical Demilitarization, I know the challenges associated with handling the chemical warfare material. We are proud to be a member of the Teledyne Team and look forward to supporting the mission of PMNSCM. Protecting the environment and all Americans from chemical warfare material is the goal of our Homeland Defense pillar.'"

AI 5/13/03 09:20 (EST) .. This article helps to start clarifying exactly how Versar "fits" into the "homeland defense/homeland security industry". First, we find Bremer connected through Marsh & McLennan's Crisis Consulting .. now Versar's connection (Versar is aligned with M&M).