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  • 'Last-ditch' pitch for valley's brown coal - The Age

The Napthine government will try to drum up interest in the vast but carbon-intensive brown coal reserves of the Latrobe Valley through a direct sales pitch to big mining companies.

  • Broken dreams: the 2002 brown coal promise - The Age

Australian Power and Energy Limited proposes a $6 billion plant turning coal into gas to manufacture 50,000 barrels of diesel a day and generate 500 megawatts of power. Project later sold to Monash Energy. Allocation reclaimed by government last year after project abandoned.

  • Getting down to earth - The Age

Brown coal is a fact of life for Mark Bostedt. Born and raised at Morwell in the Latrobe Valley, he has lived all his 52 years in a locale dominated by it. He works in a power industry fuelled by it. But Bostedt is also a beef farmer at Driffield, just south of Morwell. Hazelwood power station is a backdrop to the farm he helps run, its turbines fed by the open-cut coal mine the boundary of which abuts the farm's lush pastures. For Bostedt, these paddocks, and others like them in the region, are the front in a battle for the future of "the Valley".

Royce Millar, Tom Arup

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There is currently one major new coal fired power station -- the Dual Gas power station which, the Victorian government, is unlikely to proceed due to the lack of finance and the withdrawal of a $100 million federal government subsidy.

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  • C02CRC Otway Project: The project has an estimated cost of $4 million;[citation needed]
  • Latrobe Valley Post Combustion: The project has an estimated cost of $112.5 million;[citation needed]
  • CarbonNet: The project has an estimated cost of $30 million;[citation needed]
  • Latrobe Fertiliser Project: The project is currently on hold;[citation needed]


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  • what is referred to as the Chemcal project near Bacchus March of Environmental Clean Technologies seems to be referring to what was the Coldry test plant of ECT.[1] However, ECT now refers to its Bacchus Marsh operation as its Matmor Test Plant for producing iron but the first stage of which was drying the brown coal using the Coldry technology. See [2]


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