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wonder if we can flesh this out a little more - like which are the main companies that produce them, when they were first developed etc

I don't see that I'll be able to contribute much of that however. The interview article noted that the broadcast industry is quite lax in disclosing their sources or sponsors when showing these things.

not to worry -- will put it as a reminder on my page

-- Ollopo, I reverted your two changes: 1) VNR's are designed to be indistinguishable from real news to the viewer so imitate more precisely describes them than resembles. 2) Sponsor is the more appropriate word -- in TV a producer is the person who oversees/directs the story. In the recent HHS case HomeFront Communications was the producer of the VNR but it was sponsored by HHS who has the policy message they want communicated -- bob

1) I like your word "indistingishable", so I put it in, it sounds better than imitate. 2) put both sponsor and producer in. 3) also, included the fact that NGOs create VNRs