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Regarding anti-Muslim sentiments expressed by Christian fundamentalists in the U.S., one contributor added the following passage:

Not that it is necessarily hate coming out of Westerners' mouths (it is often just fear), but how are Muslims to know the difference? A popular book in the West now is Islam Unveiled by Robert Spencer, which purports to prove that Islam's message of violence against non-Muslims goes to the core of its teachings, to the Quran itself, and that over time the extremists will win the debate with the moderates in the Islam world - it's just a matter of when. Ironically, Westerners think of Christianity and its message of love as the cure to the extremism in Islam, when any talk of conversion only hardens Muslims' hearts.

I've moved it here because the topic at hand is unaffected by the question of anti-Muslim sentiments reflect "hate" or "fear" or a desire to "covert" Muslims to Christianity. The point is simply that the Bush administration publicly says it has no anti-Muslim feelings, while its supporters demonstrate the opposite. --Sheldon Rampton 09:13 22 Mar 2003 (EST)