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Reagan Connection

The organization reveres the social and fiscal policies of the Reagan era, but Ronald Reagan himself also has an iconic status, perceived as a statesman who stood up to the political opposition in a way they feel the Republicans of today are unable to. Workshops take place on the California ranch that served as a vacation home for the Reagans, and several issues of the YAF publication Libertas is dedicated to his life and policies.[1] In a tirade against the Affordable Care Act in the Feb 2014 issue of the publication, President Ron Robinson conjures up the ghost of Reagan, arguing that the conservatives of today are too conciliatory: "I suspect Ronald Reagan would sound a lot like the speakers we feature in this issue of Libertas: Dr. Ben Carson, Senator Mike Lee, and Senator Ted Cruz. Reagan might suggest that they are understating the threats to our freedoms posed by Obamacare."[2]


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