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Tamar Abrams "is Director of Communications at Population Action International. She has more than 25 years' experience as a professional communicator, beginning her career at KPLR-TV in St. Louis as a Public Affairs Producer. After moving to Washington, DC in 1980, she worked as a magazine editor and newspaper reporter, and also directed communications for such organizations as the American Chiropractic Association and NARAL. She spent four years working for Planned Parenthood Federation of America on Special Communications Projects before becoming a public relations consultant. Among Tamar's consulting clients were Orphan Foundation of America, Child Welfare League of America, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Community Partnerships for Older Adults, Ad Council, Global Campaign for Microbicides, Points of Light Foundation and Connect for Kids. She has conducted a variety of trainings over the years, helping thousands of people develop their skills as spokespersons for nonprofits and foundations." [1]

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