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The Techint Group
Type Founded as a Private Multinational, but some of the over 100 companies that make up the Techint Group have become public.
Founded 1945
Founder(s) Agostino Rocca
Industry Engineering and construction, steel making,oil and gas extractions, public services
Revenue USD 22 Billion as of 2007
Employees 51,600 as of 2007.

The Techint Group is a multinational corporation based in Argentina and founded by Agostino Rocca, an engineer, manager and entrepreneur of italian origin. Since its foundation in 1945, Techint has become a regional and world leader in steel making, building of complex infrastructures, design and assembly of industrial plants, oil and gas exploration and production, and selected public services. Its merging with other Latin American steel, oil, and gas providers, as well as its ownership of over one hundred affiliated companies operating worldwide has managed to consolidate a solid pathway towards the company's ultimate goal of multilocal and multiregional presence, ensuring its presence in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas.

The totality of the Techint Group can be subdivided into a group of 6 major sub-companies, each one in charge of a different set of operations, as follows:

Tenaris has a leading global presence in seamless and welded tubular products, technologies and services for the oil and gas industry and for specialized industrial applications

Ternium is a leading Latin American supplier of flat and long steel products with world class steel mills and processing facilities throughout the Americas;

Techint Engineering and Construction (E&C) is involved in major projects on a world scale, and is internationally recognized as top ranking builder of pipelines, oil and gas facilities and metals and mining plants;

Tenova offers a number of world leading technologies and capital goods for the metals, mining, power, raw material and rock wool industries worldwide;

Tecpetrol is involved in oil and gas exploration and development, as well as in gas transportation and distribution projects in the South American region;

Humanitas has established a relevant presence in the supply of health services in Italy managed with a technologically advanced, patient oriented approach.

Company History

“Compagnia Tecnica Internazionale” - soon named TECHINT after the original telex code - was founded as an international corporation in 1945. The founder, Agostino Rocca, was an innovative engineer, manager and entrepreneur, and a key force behind the development of the Italian steel industry in the 1930s. The company began by providing engineering services to a growing number of clients in Latin America - to where Agostino Rocca had traveled after World War II - and Europe.

Construction activities soon followed: the first major Techint engineering and construction (E&C) project was a network of large diameter pipelines in Argentina and Brazil. After building the southern gas pipeline in Argentina (inaugurated in 1949), and completing other pipeline projects, the E&C activities of the company extended during the 1950s to the field of power infrastructure. In those early years, production of steel structures and heavy mechanical equipment and parts was also started near Buenos Aires in order to support the industrial ventures which soon followed. The company expanded and diversified its original activities by building and then operating two seamless steel tube plants, one in Veracruz (Mexico) and the other in Campana (Argentina). Both plants began production in 1954. In the late 1960s a flat steel cold-rolling facility was built in Ensenada (Argentina), which was meant to be the first step of a planned fully integrated operation. Steel manufacturing was now the main industrial activity of the Techint Group.

In the 1960s and 1970s the E&C activities were developed further, establishing Techint as one of the world’s major pipeline builders, and a supplier of turnkey plants for productions ranging from steel to petrochemicals. In sixty years of activity, Techint E&C has successfully completed around 3,500 projects in more than 50 countries, and is presently engaged in large industrial and infrastructure projects worldwide. The Techint Group’s steel pipes business also continued to grow.

In the mid-1980s it undertook a major, export-oriented expansion of the Campana mill, and acquire Argentine welded pipe maker Siat. In the 1990s it also acquired control of the Veracruz mill in Mexico and the Dalmine seamless pipe mill in Italy. Steel pipe manufacturing facilities were also, in time, acquired in Brazil, Venezuela, Japan, Canada and Romania.

Tenaris, the company under which all the manufacturing and service activities in the steel pipe business were grouped, went public at the end of 2002. Late in 2006 Tenaris acquired Maverick Tube Corp., a leading North American producer of welded oil country tubular goods (OCTG), line pipe and coiled tubing for use in oil and natural gas wells. In May 2007 Tenaris acquired Hydril, a renowned producer of premium OCTG connections in the USA with a solid international presence. Today, Tenaris is the leading global manufacturer and provider of tubular products and services used in drilling, completion and production of oil and gas, in process and power plants, and in specialized industrial and automotive applications. Tenaris continues to strengthen its competitive position investing heavily in research and the continuous improvement of its talented workforce. Cold rolling of flat steel in Argentina continued to grow through the 1980s.

In 1992 the Group acquired a majority share of Somisa, the largest integrated flat steel plant in Argentina, and brought it up rapidly to international production standards through a major investment program. Steel coating and processing capacities were also expanded through investments and acquisitions. All Argentine flat steel facilities were then integrated in Siderar, which today is part of Ternium, a public company that also has control of Sidor, Venezuela - one of the largest and most efficient plants in Latin America - which was acquired in 1997.

In August, 2005 Ternium acquired Hylsa, the largest steel manufacturer in Mexico, and the one with the highest level of vertical integration, from the extraction and processing of iron ore to the manufacturing of value-added steel products.

In August 2007 Ternium acquired IMSA, a company with a strong presence in Mexico and processing facilities in Guatemala and the United States, achieving a potential to ship to market up to 12 million tons of steel products per year. Ternium, which has become one of the most significant and dynamic players in the Americas, plans to carry out important investments in its steel mills and in mining exploration in order to increase production, improve quality and draw synergies from process integration and product specialization.

Starting in the 1980s, a series of acquisitions and expansions in Italy had multiplied the portfolio of products and leading technological solutions, particularly for the metals and raw materials industries. Recent acquisitions under the Tenova brand have increased the scope and global presence of the business whose product lines today include direct reduction plants, melt shops, secondary steel making facilities, reheating and heat treatment furnaces, roll grinders and roll shops, mining and bulk material handling systems and plants for glass and rock wool.

During the 1990s the Techint Group also invested in oil and gas blocks in Argentina through exploration and production company Tecpetrol. In time, the company has acquired operations in Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela. Through Tecpetrol, the Group also holds operating interests in a number of gas transportation businesses, such as TGN in Argentina and TGP in Peru. The latter holds the concession of the two Camisea trans-Andean pipelines, one for gas and one for liquids, whose construction has been one of the most challenging projects undertaken by Techint. Tecpetrol continues to pursue the development of energy infrastructure projects in the Southern Cone, a synergic field of activity involving all the major strengths of the Group.

In Italy, the Techint Group entered the health services sector in the mid 1990s by building and managing Istituto Clinico Humanitas, a state-of-the-art hospital and medical research institute near Milan. Specialized company Humanitas has subsequently acquired controlling interests in other important private hospitals in Bergamo, Turin, Catania and Castellanza, where the successful technology-based and patient-oriented management model originally adopted in Istituto Clinico has been replicated. Humanitas continues to invest in new health and science facilities, consolidating its position as a foremost private health concern in Italy.

Today, the Techint Group comprises more than 100 companies operating worldwide with a workforce of experienced professionals and skilled workers numbering 51,600 permanent employees. The global annual turnover of companies of the Techint Group, public and non-public, is USD 22 billion. [1]

Corporate Accountability


August 24th, 2006:

PERU: Fresh Evidence of Construction Problems in Camisea Pipeline

Techint, the Argentine company that built the Camisea pipeline which carries natural gas from Peru's Amazon jungle region to a port on the country's Pacific coast, used unqualified welders, in a clear violation of international norms, according to a new report by E-Tech, a California-based non-profit engineering and environmental consultancy firm.

The pipeline leaked five times in less than two years, from late 2004 to March 2006, prompting an outcry against TGP and forcing the government of former president Alejandro Toledo to order an audit to investigate the leaks.

For more information, and the article in its totality, please see:

July 31st, 2006

PERU: Bank Signals More Funds for Problematic Pipeline

Critics of a controversial pipeline in the Amazon rainforest that has ruptured five times since its inception in 2004 are dismayed that the main public funder of the project is on the verge of giving more money for its second phase despite earlier promises to await the results of audits probing the pipeline's persistent leaks.

Last week, the Washington-based Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) signed a "mandate letter" with companies of the Peru Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) pipeline that transports gas from the highly controversial Camisea field.

Please see:

October, 2008

SOUTH AMERICA: Debate on Infrastructure Mega-Projects Finally Begins

BUENOS AIRES, Oct 16 (IPS) - Rather late and somewhat quietly, civil society organisations have begun to discuss the impact of the Initiative for the Integration of Regional Infrastructure in South America (IIRSA), launched by the region's governments in 2000, which is planning 335 major projects.

Concerned about the lack of available information on the projects, some of which have already got underway, the South American Regional Committee of the World Conservation Union (UICN-Sur) convened an Electronic Forum on Civil Society Perspectives on IIRSA, which opened in September and ended this month with a summary of the contributions received.

"Will IIRSA really be effective for sustainable development?" Silvia Sánchez, of the Peruvian Association for Nature Conservation, asked on the Internet forum. "Highways are valuable, but they're useless unless they go hand in hand with land use planning that puts human beings at the centre of development," she said.

Human Rights

November, 2002

Techint violently repressed, through the use of nearly 30 members of the 44th "Comandancia de la Policía Nacional", a pacific protest held by workers in Kiteni, Alto Urubama, Peru, who demanded effective improvements in laboring conditions, adecuate work tools, and food provision.


July, 1998

Greenpeace Films Death of a Jungle in Argentina

BUENOS AIRES, Jul 31 (IPS) - Greenpeace activists began to film and take photos Friday of the destruction of the Yungas jungle - one of Argentina's biologically richest ecosystems - by bulldozers opening a path for the construction of a pipeline to transport gas to northern Chile.

Business Scope


Tenaris is the leading global manufacturer and provider of tubular products and services used in the drilling, completion and production of oil and gas, and a leading supplier of tubular products and services used in process and power plants and in specialized industrial and automotive applications. Tenaris offers advanced product technology and integrated supply chain management services on a global scale to customers such as the world’s major oil and gas companies, as well as engineering and industrial companies. With manufacturing facilities in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Romania, the USA and Venezuela and a proprietary global service and distribution network present in 29 countries, Tenaris has an annual production capacity of 6 million tons, and employs 23,500 people worldwide. Tenaris is the world leader in premium connections and is at the forefront in the development of the tubular technologies required not only to operate in the most demanding oil and gas fields, but also in high performance mechanical and structural applications. Tenaris is a public company with its shares listed on the New York Stock Exchange and in Buenos Aires, Italy and Mexico; it adheres rigorously to international standards on corporate governance, financial transparency and information disclosure.


A manufacturer of flat and long steel products, Ternium consolidates the operations of steel mills and processing facilities in Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela, Guatemala and the United States. It is one of the leading steel companies in Latin America with annual sales of approximately USD 10 billion and annual shipments of approximately 12 million tons of steel products. Ternium manufactures a wide range of products through integrated processes that include the extraction of iron ore from its own mines. These include semifinished steel, flat-rolled products, long products, welded tubes and beams, and roll-formed products. Ternium shares the Techint Group’s high standards of quality, efficiency and industrial technology. Ternium is a public company with its shares listed on the New York Stock Exchange; it adheres rigorously to international standards on corporate governance, financial transparency and information disclosure.

Techint Engineering and Construction

Thanks to its widespread and consolidated experience, Techint Engineering and Construction(Techint E&C in brief) has a proven capacity to design and implement large infrastructure projects, even in the harshest terrain and in accord with today’s stringent environmental requirements. As primary contractor for crude oil and natural gas pipelines, Techint E&C has installed over 70,000 kilometers of pipelines, including 16 pipelines laid on the Andean mountains, some reaching altitudes of 5,000 m above sea level. Oil and Gas facilities, chemical and petrochemical plants, mining and metal complexes also are specialized fields of activity. Techint E&C is an experienced supplier of other infrastructures such as water and waste treatment plants, water and mineral pipelines, telecommunications networks, power plants and transmission lines, information technology and automation systems, railways, roads and highways, marine terminals, bridges, dams, and airports. Techint E&C operates in a number of countries, each company developing different areas of business according to specific local needs, and sharing expertise with other companies.


Tenova is a major international supplier of advanced technological solutions for the metals and raw materials industries worldwide, targeting the need for quality, efficiency and environmental safeguards of its clients. Its product portfolio embraces several technologies and renowned brands with numerous references in all countries. Tenova’s product lines include direct reduction plants, melt shops, secondary steel making, reheating furnaces, heat treatment furnaces, strip processing lines, roll grinders and automatic roll shops and bulk material handling systems for the mining and raw materials industries. Tenova also operates in the glass and rock wool industries with a specific business unit. It has recently carried out an international expansion strategy to complete the offering in terms of technologies and products, and to widen and strengthen its geographical presence. Tenova is present in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Germany, India, Italy, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Poland, Romania, Russia, South Africa, the USA, and Uzbekistan. Tecpetrol

The Techint Group has a long-standing record of involvement in the development of Latin America’s potential for energy development and integration. With privately held Tecpetrol, the Techint Group is active in the development, operation and exploration of oil and gas fields in Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela. Tecpetrol is also involved in the operation of gas transportation companies, among them TGN), the Northern Gas Transportation company in Argentina, and TGP, the Camisea pipelines company in Peru, as well as other energy-related developments in the Southern Cone. Synergies are achieved with Techint E&C, top ranking builder of oil and gas pipelines and facilities worldwide. Humanitas

In Italy, the Techint Group is active in health care through Humanitas and the Humanitas Group. Humanitas promotes, implements and manages health care initiatives and research. The Humanitas Group includes the well established, research focused Istituto Clinico Humanitas (ICH)hospital near Milan, built by Techint, and prestigious private hospitals in Bergamo, Turin, Catania and Castellanza. The delivery of health care in these structures is based on Humanitas’ economically successful, patient oriented management model, supported by state-of-the-art systems of integrated information. [2]

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Financial Information (as of DATE)

The Techint Group comprises more than 100 companies operating worldwide with a workforce of experienced professionals and skilled workers numbering 51,600 permanent employees. The global annual turnover of companies of the Techint Group, public and non-public, is USD 22 billion.

2007highlights.jpg [3]


The Rocca family is still, to this day, at the head of the Techint Group.

Contact Information


Main Office: 46A, Avenue John F. Kennedy (L-1855) Luxembourg phone: (352) 26 47 89 78 fax: (352) 26 47 89 79

ARGENTINA Av. L. N. Alem 1067 27th Floor (C1001AAF) Buenos Aires Argentina phone: (54) 11 4018 4100 fax: (54) 11 4018 1000

Dr. Jorge A. Simini 250 (B2804MHA) Campana Buenos Aires Argentina phone: (54) 3489 433100 fax: (54) 3489 433877

ITALY Piazza Caduti 6 Luglio 1944, 1 (24044) Dalmine, Bergamo Italy phone: (39) 035 560-111 fax: (39) 035 560-3827

JAPAN 1-10 Minamiwatarida (210-0855) Kawasaki, Kanagawa Japan phone: (81) 44 328-3400 fax: (81) 44 328-3456

MEXICO Campos Elíseos 400 17th Floor (11560) Mexico, D.F. Mexico phone: (52) 55 5282 9900 fax. (52) 55 5282 9961

Km. 433.7 Carr. México-Veracruz Via Xalapa (91697) Veracruz Mexico phone: (52) 229 989-1100 fax: (52) 229 989-1120

USA 2200 West Loop South, Suite 800 (77027) Houston, Texas USA phone: (1) 713 767-4400 fax: (1) 713 767-4444


ARGENTINA Av. Leandro N. Alem 1067 (C1001AAF) Buenos Aires Argentina phone: (54) 11 4018-2100 fax:(54) 11 4018-1000

GUATEMALA 8a Calle, 14-41 Zona 4 El Zarzal, Villa Nueva (01064) Guatemala phone: (50) 2 6636-0620 fax: (50) 2 6635-8105

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VENEZUELA Av. Guayana, Zona Industrial Matanzas (8050) Puerto Ordaz, Estado Bolívar Venezuela phone: (58) 286 600-7535 fax: (58) 286 600-7370


ALGERIA Techint - Compagnia Tecnica Internazionale S.p.A. c/o IPC Algerie 28, Rue Des Pins (16435) Hydra Alger Algeria Phone: (213) 21 480541

ARGENTINA Techint - Compañia Tecnica Internacional S.A.C.I. Torre Bouchard Plaza Hipólito Bouchard 557 - Piso 16° (C1106ABG) Buenos Aires Argentina phone: (54) 11 4018-4100 fax: (54) 11 4018-1000 e-mail:

LOSA - Ladrillos Olavarria S.A. Head Office: Conesa 1073 (1426) Buenos Aires Argentina phone: (54) 11 4014-7932/50 fax: (54) 11 4014-7949 e-mail:

Industrial Center: Ruta 51 - Paraje San Jacinto (B7400XAF) Olavarria, Buenos Aires Argentina phone: (54) 2284 493056/493156/493730 fax: (54) 2284 493041

Ferroexpreso Pampeano S.A. Head Office: Conesa 1073 (1426) Buenos Aires Argentina phone: (54) 11 4014-7900 fax: (54) 11 4018-7930 e-mail:

Industrial Center: Brickman 2200 8000 Bahia Blanca Argentina

BAHRAIN Techint International Construction Corp. (TENCO) P.O. Box 15160 - Manama Kingdom of Bahrain phone: (973) 17 272-003 fax: (973) 17 272-018 e-mail:

BRAZIL Techint S.A. Rua Tabapuã 41 - 14° andar - Itaim Bibi (04533-010) São Paulo, S.P. Brazil phone: (55) 11 2137-6000 fax: (55) 11 3168-6575 e-mail:

CANADA Techint E&C Inc. Suite 3000, Petro-Canada Centre, West Tower 150 - 6th. Ave S.W., Calgary, Alberta T2P 3Y7 Canada phone (1) 403 538 2126 fax (1) 403 265 8875

CHILE Techint Chile S.A. Enrique Foster Sur 39, Piso 7 (7550203) Las Condes, Santiago Chile phone: (56) 2 363-3200 fax: (56) 2 738-4882 e-mail:

Comin S.A. Enrique Foster Sur 39, Piso 4 (7550203) Las Condes, Santiago Chile phone: (56) 2 429-4600 fax: (56) 2 429-4621 e-mail:

COLOMBIA Techint International Construction Corp. (TENCO) 90th street 11A – 41, 5th floor Bogota, Colombia Phone: (57) 1 704-1035 fax: (57) 1 704-1035 e-mail:

ECUADOR Techint Compañia Tecnica Internacional S.A.C.I. Av. 12 de Octubre n° 26-97 Edificio Torre 1492 - Piso 3° - Of. 304 Quito, Ecuador phone: (593) 2 2986-240 fax: (593) 2 2986-152 e-mail:

EGYPT Techint Cimimontubi S.p.A. 37, Gamaat El Dewal El Arabeia Street, El Fouad Office Building Mohandessin - Cairo phone: (20) 2 37498634- 37498694 - 37498653- 37498675 fax: (20) 2 37498594

ITALY Techint - Compagnia Tecnica Internazionale S.p.A. Via Monte Rosa, 93 (20149) Milan Italy phone: (39) 02 4384-1 fax: (39) 02 4693026 e-mail:

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MEXICO Techint S.A. De C.V. Edificio Plaza del Parque Guillermo González Camarena 1200, Piso 7 Colonia Centro de Ciudad Santa Fe (01210) Delegación Álvaro Obregón México, D.F. México phone (52) 55 8525 7000-7199 fax (52) 55 8525 7100 e-mail:

NIGERIA Techint Cimimontubi Nigeria Ltd Plot 1142/14 Amodu Ojikutu Street Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria phone: (234) 1 261-9921 fax: (234) 1 262-0327 e-mail:

PERU Techint S.A.C. Av. Central 643 – 4th Floor San Isidro, Lima 27 Peru phone: (51) 213-5555 fax.: (51) 213-3439/ 3407 e-mail:

QATAR Techint – Compagnia Tecnica Internazionale S.p.A. West Bay Complex Pearl Tower, 16th Floor, Flat 1602 P.O. Box 37819 Doha Qatar phone (974) 5872998 fax (974) 4935966

Techint International Construction Corp. (TENCO) P.O. Box 8822 Doha Qatar phone: (974) 444-0303/ 444-0304 fax: (974) 444-0305

RUSSIA Techint – Compagnia Tecnica Internazionale S.p.A. 85, Lenin Ave. Magnitogorsk (455000) Chelyabinskaya Region Russia Phone: (7) 351 9295618 Fax: (7) 351 9295624 e-mail:

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TRINIDAD & TOBAGO Techint Compañía Técnica Internacional S.A.C.I. 60B Vernon Joseph Street St. Joseph Village, San Fernando Trinidad W.I. phone: (1 868) 653-7221 fax: (1 868) 653-7221 e-mail:

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AUSTRALIA Tenova Semf Pty Ltd 1283-1285 Malvern Road (VIC 3144) Malvern - Melbourne Australia phone: (61) 3 9824-8677 fax: (61) 3 9824 7702 e-mail:

Level 5 - 45 Murray Street Hobart TAS 7000 Australia phone (61) 3 6281 1800 fax (61) 3 6281 1888 e-mail:

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KAZAKHSTAN TAKRAF Office Almaty 7. Etage, Office 700 ul. Shibek-Sholy 64 (050002) Almaty Kazakhstan phone: (7) 727 2 50 15 05 fax: (7) 727 2 73 83 02 e-mail:

LIBYA Techint Libya Branch Skikda Street Madina- Siahia (Gergarsh) (Front Noc Training Center) Tripoli GSPLAJ - Lybia phone (218) 21 4842317 fax (218) 21 4841578 e-mail:

MEXICO Hyl Technologies S.A. De C.V Ave. Eugenio Clariond Garza 101 Col. Cuauhtémoc (66452) San Nicolás De Los Garza, N. L. México phone: (52) 81 8865-2801 fax: (52) 81 8865-2810 e-mail:

POLAND LOI-Poland Sp. z.o.o. ul. Zagórska 83 (PL 42-680) Tarnowskie Gory Poland phone: (48) 32 284-1361/1639 fax: (48) 32 284-2223 e-mail:

ROMANIA TAKRAF Office Targu Jiu Str. Stefan cel Mare Nr. 4 (210130) Targu Jiu Romania phone: (40) 253 20 60 91 / 20 61 27 fax: (40) 253 20 60 41 e-mail:

RUSSIA Techint East Europe Voznesenskij per., dom 20, Stroenie 3 (125009) Moscow Russia phone: (7) 495 7265943/44 fax: (7) 495 9377712 e-mail:

TAKRAF - Moscow Office Uliza Kulnewa 3 (121170) Moscow Russia phone: (7) 495 2583931 fax: (7) 495 2583922 e-mail:

SOUTH AFRICA TAKRAF South Africa Pty Ltd For Mail-order: PO Box 2323 Randburg 2125

For Courier Service (not to use for mail-order): 1st Floor, 280 Oak Avenue Ferndale (2194) Randburg South Africa phone: (27) 11 543 7800 fax: (27) 11 543 7819 e-mail:

Tenova Pyromet Pty Ltd 10 Sherborne Road Parktown, Johannesburg PO Box 61582 (2107) Marshalltown South Africa phone: (27) 11 480 2000 fax: (27) 11 482 1942 e-mail:

USA LOI Inc. Stealth Technology Center 333 Technology Drive (PA 15317) Pittsburgh, USA phone (1) 724 743-1120 fax (1) 724 743-1130 e-mail:

POMINI Inc. 100 Corporate Center Drive, 1st Floor (PA 15108) Coraopolis USA phone: (1) 412 262 2244 2248 fax: (1) 412 5071026 e-mail:

TAKRAF USA Inc. 7995 East Prentice Avenue Suite 211 (CO 80111) Greenwood Village, Denver USA phone (1) 303 7708161 fax: (1) 303 7706307 e-mail:

UZBEKISTAN TAKRAF - Office Taschkent Sodiq Azimovstrasse, 44/2 (100060) Taschkent Uzbekistan phone: (998) 71 1363901 fax: (998) 71 1334851 e-mail:


ARGENTINA Tecpetrol S.A. Head Office: Carlos Maria Della Paolera 299 - Piso 20° (C1001ADA) Buenos Aires Argentina phone: (54) 11 4018-5900 fax: (54) 11 4018-5939

Chubut Blocks: Ruta Nacional 26, Km 20 Desvío El Tordillo (9000) Comodoro Rivadavia Chubut - Argentina phone: (54) 297 449-0100 fax: (54) 297 449-0140

Neuquén-Río Negro Blocks: Ruta Nacional 151 - km 76,5 Provincia de Río Negro Casilla de Correo 743 (Q8300ZAA) Neuquén Argentina phone/fax: (54) 299 489-5533

Salta Blocks: Ruta 34 Km. 1431- Base Lomitas (4562) - Gral. Mosconi Salta - Argentina phone: (54) 3875 489121 / 489100 fax: (54) 3875 489113 / 489101

Litoral Gas S.A. Head Office: Mitre 621 (2000) Rosario - Santa Fe Argentina phone: (54) 341 420-0100 fax: (54) 341 420-0101

Buenos Aires Office: Talcahuano 833 - Piso 3° C (C1013AAQ) Buenos Aires Argentina phone: (54) 11 5789-9500 fax: (54) 11 5789-9505

Tecgas Argentina S.A. Head Office: Carlos Maria Della Paolera 299 - Piso 22° (C1001ADA) Buenos Aires Argentina phone: (54) 11 4018-5900 fax: (54) 11 4018-5973

Transportadora De Gas Del Mercosur S.A. Head Office: Don Bosco 3672 - Piso 4° (C1206ABF) Buenos Aires Argentina phone: (54) 11 4008-2000 fax: (54) 11 4008-2242

Transportadora De Gas Del Norte S.A. Head Office: Don Bosco 3672 - Piso 4° (C1206ABF) Buenos Aires Argentina phone: (54) 11 4008-2000 fax: (54) 11 4008-2242

ECUADOR Tecpecuador S.A. Av. 12 de Octubre n° 2697 y A. Lincoln Edificio Torre 1492 - Piso 2° Quito - Ecuador phone: (59) 3 2 2986240 fax: (59) 3 2 2986215

MEXICO Tecpetrol México 1° de Mayo n° 34 Col. José de Escandón (88680) Reynosa RFC de SMBU: SMB - 031107 - 342 RFC de SMEX: TSE - 040210 - BAO México phone/fax: (52) 899920-4936

PERU Transportadora De Gas Del Peru S.A. Head Office: Predio Almonte SubLote 1 Altura Km 35.5 Panamericana Sur Urbanización Las Praderas de Lurín (L-16) – Lurin, Perù

Av. Víctor Andrés Belaunde 147, Vía Principal 155, Torre Real Tres – Oficina 501 Centro Empresarial Real (LIMA 27) – San Isidro Peru phone: (51) 1 617-7777 fax: (51) 1 617-7725

URUGUAY Tecpetrol International S.A. La Comparsita Building, La Cumparsita 1373, 3rd floor, office 302 (11200) Montevideo, Uruguay Phone: (598) 2 903 29 56 int 2881 Fax: (598) 908 57 29, 598 903 29 56. int 2884

VENEZUELA Tecpetrol De Venezuela S.A. Head Office: Torre Empresarial Claret Av. 3 E and 78 – 5° floor, office 57 (4001) Maracaibo, Estado Zulia Venezuela phone: (58) 261 793-6435 fax: (58) 261 793-1643


ITALY Humanitas S.p.A. Via Monte Rosa, 93 (20149) Milano Italy phone: (39) 02 8224-1 fax: (39) 02 8224-2413

ICH Istituto Clinico Humanitas Via Manzoni, 56 (20089) Rozzano, Milano Italy phone: (39) 02 8224-1 fax: (39) 02 8224-2413

Humanitas Gavazzeni Via M. Gavazzeni, 21 (24125) Bergamo Italy phone: (39) 035 4204-111 fax: (39) 035 322-376

Humanitas Centro Catanese Di Oncologia Via V.E. Dabormida, 64 (95126) Catania Italy phone: (39) 095 7339000 fax: (39) 095 336989

Clinica Cellini Via Cellini, 5 (10126) Torino Italy phone: (39) 011 30271 fax: (39) 011 30275290

Clinica Fornaca Di Sessant Vittorio Emanuele II, 91 (10128) Torino Italy phone: (39) 011 5574111 fax: (39) 011 5574380

Istituto Clinico Mater Domini Via Gerenzano, 2 (21053) Castellanza, Varese Italy phone:(39) 0331 476111 fax: (39) 0331 476204

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