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Telefónica Telecom

Telefónica Telecom is a company that provides fixed telephone services. Telecom has 2.6 million clients and national long distance and international calls. Telecom also provides wide-band internet service with a fiber-optic network of more than 5,800 km in all of national territory. In April 2006, Telefónica Telecom was consolidated with the help of approximately $368 million dollars made for Telefónica International Inc., after a process of auctioning about 50 percent of the shares, with acquiring control and management of the Telecom. This has permitted substantial improvement of the service offering through experience and capacity of Telefónica to help develop the success of the business of fixed telephone services. This permits exploration opportunities for the presentation of products and convergent services to all Colombian inhabitants.

Contact Information

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Tel: 0180000910999

Company History

Telefónica S.A. was created in 1924 and for several years it was the only telephone operator in Spain. On the beginning the Spanish government was the only owner of the company. However in 1997 the Spanish government privatized almost all the company[1]. It is estimated that a large part of its stock is owned by capital investment funds.

Political and Public Influence

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Corporate Accountability


Telefónica has received several fines due the convictions over unfair competition and antitrust violations through the Commission on telecommunications, European Commission and Spanish tribunals. These fines include: 900.000 Euro fine, Spanish tribunals[2], 18 million Euro fine, Spanish Telecommunication market Commission, 57 million Euro in 2004 for unfair competition[3], and 151.9 million Euros by European Commission for abusing of its dominant position[4] [5]. Moreover has Telefónica two more fines in court, with a value of more than 793 million Euros [6].


Human Rights

October 5, 2007: More than 6,000 Telefónica employees participate in the Day of Volunteering that the company is celebrating today.
Colombia had 400 volunteers (more than any other South American country) participating in this Day of Volunteering. This day is to bring attention to the ‘Proniño’ (Pro-Child) program that Telefónica promotes. [1]

August 11, 1992: Final Observations by the Committee for Elimination of Racial Discrimination in Colombia
In relation to Article 6 of the Convention, the Committee members desired to know up to what point the citizens utilized services as the open national telephone line, so that individuals could report any threat or restriction of the right to life or liberty. [2]

July 30, 1993: Pope and U.S. Juggle Agendas: Jailed Colombian Union Leaders Enmeshed in U.S. Intrigues – Pope John Paul II Issues Statement of Support
Meanwhile, thousands of other Colombians were charged with terrorism and drug trafficking and brought before "public order" courts in circumstances that violated basic due process rights. These courts, created to protect members of the judiciary from murderous attacks by drug traffickers and insurgents, involved "faceless" judges whose identities had been concealed, as well as secret witnesses and evidence. There was mounting evidence, however, that the public order jurisdiction was being used to suppress nonviolent social protest and to imprison peasants living in areas where the guerrillas were active. Among the most serious misapplications of the public order jurisdiction in 1993 involved thirteen members of the state telecommunications union (Telecom), imprisoned for participating in a 1992 strike. Although the workers were originally charged with sabotage amounting to "terrorism," the case was transferred to the ordinary justice system later in the year and the workers provisionally released in early November. The Telecom case had been the subject of broad national and international protest. [3][4]


Consumer Protection and Product Safety

A large number of consumer groups in Spain have reported unnecessary delays in cancelling Telefonica´s DSL service. They also indicate that services continue to be billed after being canceled and that service cancelation requests are ignored[7].

Anti-Trust and Tax Practices

Social Responsibility Initiatives

Telefónica’s Corporate Responsibility Initiatives[5]

Business Scope

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Customer 4 Supplier 4 Creditor 4 Competitor 4

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Financial information of the company is available on the following webpage:

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Country 3 Revenue 3 Profit 3 Assets 3 Employees 3
Country 4 Revenue 4 Profit 4 Assets 4 Employees 4


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