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The use of templates has been proposed. Moved from SourceWatch:Contributing#Fairness_and_Accuracy:

If you find an article which you believe is unfair or inaccurate, feel free to edit it until you think you have resolved the issue. Alternatively, you can add a message alerting other potential editors to the problem. Simply add the text {{fairness}} or {{accuracy}} to the article to denote that you believe there is a problem. Then add your reason to the Talk page of the article. If there is an ongoing dispute concerning the fairness or accuracy of an article and editing becomes stalled, add {{pov}} to the article to let other editors know to visit the talk pages to help resolve the dispute before editing.

A contributor has observed that ... It seems to me to be a potential vector for quickly casting a shadow over an article without spending time actually citing the reason(s) it is questionable. It is extremely easy to drop preformatted template code of one statement into a page.

To my knowledge, SourceWatch does not have a neutral point of view policy.