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"The Tenon Group of Companies, an Integrated Facilities Management Corporation started its journey in 1995 and today has a global presence in 6 countries and spread across India with over 42,000 employees in 67 branches, providing comprehensive range of services to more than 1300 + corporate. Founded by Major Manjit Rajain, the company started with manned guarding services – Peregrine Guarding which quickly established itself as the premier establishment in this space. It has been independently rated by KPMG, EY and Deloitte as amongst the top 4 service providers in the country... In 2005 Peregrine Guarding was awarded the Fastest Growing Manned Guarding Company and the Executive Chairman of the Group Major Manjit Rajain has been felicitated by CAPSI for the Security Entrepreneur Award in 2008 and Security Leadership Award in 2012." [1]


Accessed February 2016: [2]

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Web: http://tenonservices.com

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