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Organización Terpel S.A.
Founded 1968
Headquarters Colombia
Area served Colombia, Ecuador, Panama & Chile
Key people Amaury De la Espriella Martínez (President); Sylvia Escovar Gómez (Commerical Vice President); José Carlos Barreto Barrios (Vice President of Operations & Logistics); Óscar Andrés Bravo Restrepo (Administrative & Financial Vice President); Olga Lucía Mora Mora (Human Relations Vice President); María Mercedes Prado Daza (Corporate Planning Vice President)
Industry Oil & Fuel
Products Fuel: industrial, processed, transmission, spa, diesel, gasoline, gas, motor 2T/4T; Automotive gasoline and aviation gasoline
Website http://www.terpel-web.com/

Company History

Terpel was founded in 1968 as a solution to the shortage of gasoline in Santander, Colombia. The Terpel Bucaramanga Company was formed then with 20 service stations with the initiative that in the upcoming years it would expand to a national scale with the birth of 6 more Terpeles in different Colombian regions. Terpel began to strengthen its challenge: to be the fuel distributor known for its close client relationship with a strong regional presence.

In 2001, the principal shareholders of Terpeles, integrated the 7 regional companies and created the Terpel Organization which was consolidated in 2004. The objective of this initiative was centered in obtaining unity of strategic business negotiation, administrative stability, generating synergies for their clients and to promote their brand to properly compete in a market that constantly demands a higher national level.

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Human Rights


Sustainable growth is development that conducts with economic growth, to elevate the quality of life and wellbeing, without exhausting the base of the natural resources in which it is supported, nor to deteriorate the environment or the right of future generations to utilize it to satisfy their own needs.

The Terpel Organization, in all of its activities that it develops have an important responsibility to environmental protection (of the earth, water, energy, air), since all of its operations involve the environment. Its environmental performance affects either positively or negatively the sustainable development of the company and the country.

The environmental management team of Organization Terpel is directed to resolve, mitigate, and prevent environmental problems that are felt in the Organization, through all of its operations, including service stations, provisional plants, airports, lubricant factories and administrative offices.

In the supplying plants, service stations, lubricant factories and airports, the environmental management of Organization Terpel includes:

  • Integral management of waste, oriented to reduce the generation of the same and preventing the contamination of the water and the land.
  • Control of leaks and discharge of products while it is being carried through the environment, oriented in preventative detection of storage system failure and distribution of fuel to avoid the contamination of groundwater and the earth.
  • Water savings, through a water harvesting and recycling system installation.
  • Energy savings, through the installation of lower consumption teams.
  • The start of the sale of bio-gasoline in our country, is a contribution to sustainable development, since the addition of alcohol fuel to the current gasoline (or extra), improves the combustion, reduces the contaminated gas emissions into the atmosphere and improves our relation and behavior with the environment. [1]

Consumer Protection and Product Safety

Anti-Trust and Tax Practices

Social Responsibility Initiatives

Terpel takes social responsibility initiatives in 7 communities in different national Departments (Antioquia, Atlántico, Cundinamarca, Valle, Huila, Santander, and the Eje Cafetero). Terpel gives $240 million to programs that promote culture and education in different environments. The Organization supports the construction, remodeling and gives teaching material to 8 schools in the municipals of Mulaló, Palmira, Neiva, Manizales, and in others the benefit is for more than 1,200 low income school-age children. [2]

Business Scope

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Customers Suppliers Creditors Competitors
Customer 1 Supplier 1 Creditor 1 Competitor 1
Customer 2 Supplier 2 Creditor 2 Competitor 2
Customer 3 Supplier 3 Creditor 3 Competitor 3
Customer 4 Supplier 4 Creditor 4 Competitor 4

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Shareholder 2 % Held 2
Shareholder 3 % Held 3
Shareholder 4 % Held 4

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Country Revenue Profits Assets Employees
Country 1 Revenue 1 Profit 1 Assets 1 Employees 1
Country 2 Revenue 2 Profit 2 Assets 2 Employees 2
Country 3 Revenue 3 Profit 3 Assets 3 Employees 3
Country 4 Revenue 4 Profit 4 Assets 4 Employees 4


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