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Texas Education Agency (Runs public schools in Texas): Develops and supports a learning environment for students of all ages served by the Texas Public Education systems.


The Texas Education Agency is located at 1701 Congress Avenue, William B. Travis Bldg., Austin, Texas 78701-1494, (512)463-9720. The TEA encompasses the Texas public system kindergarten through grade 12. In 1995, Senator Bill Ratcliff and Representative Paul Sadler sponsored Senate Bill 1, which revised the Education Code to provide for tobacco-free school property (Education Code ? 38.006). Ann Smisko is the Coordinator for the Curriculum and Professional Development (CPD) department of the TEA. The CPD has the State approved curriculum, which contains the 'Essential Elements', a list of topics that must be taught in every public school in Texas. There is a library of State adopted school textbooks at the TEA. Many of these textbooks contain information regarding tobacco and health issues. The Gilmer - Aikin Act of 1949 reorganized state management of public education, abolishing the elective office of state superintendent, which had been created in 1884, and the appointive State Board of Education, created in 1929. The Legislature created a central education agency, the current Texas Education Agency. The agency is composed of an elected State Board of Education, gubernatorial-appointed Commissioner of Education and professional staff. The mission of the Texas Education Agency is to develop and support a learning environment for students of all ages with the goal of obtaining excellence and equity in achievement for everyone served by the Texas Public Education systems. The state wide public education serves over 3.5 million students at 6,343 campuses located in 1046 independant school districts. (Fiscal Size-Up 1996-1997 Biennium Texas State Service, LBB)

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