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The Analysis Corporation is the Intelligence Solutions business of Global Defense Technology & Systems, Inc.("GTEC"). GTEC is a provider of mission-critical, technology-based solutions for U.S. national security clients. GTEC is the holding company of Global Strategies Group (North America) Inc. and its wholly-owned subsidiary, The Analysis Corporation. GTEC's heritage extends back to 1969 with the founding of Sachs/Freeman Associates (SFA Inc.), a national security solutions provider with a significant technology pedigree.

GTEC services and solutions are integral components of mission-critical programs run by the Department of Defense, Intelligence Community, Department of Homeland Security and Federal Law Enforcement agencies charged with national security responsibilities. Our primary areas of expertise include counterterrorism intelligence and analysis, data analysis and intelligence fusion tools, force mobility, modernization and survivability systems, maritime domain awareness and navigation systems, systems and software engineering, network and communications management, and decision support systems for command and control. GTEC's operations are comprised of three core and complementary businesses lines: Mission Systems, Defense Engineering and Intelligence Solutions. More information regarding our products, services, and capabilities can be found on our website:

In November 2009, GTEC had an initial public offering of stock. Consequently, its former U.K.-based parent company Global Strategies Group became a minor shareholder in the company with whom we still share a common brand. GTEC is traded on the NASDAQ stock exchange.


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