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Gateway Books "published The Only Planet of Choice, Essential Briefings from Deep Space. It makes the startling claim that the human species exists throughout the Universe and that there has been systematic collusion amongst the major world governments in the last 40 years to prevent the evidence of ongoing contacts with extraterrestrial visitors becoming public.

"This is the first book to deal with the background and reasons for these cosmic visits. It is made up of hundreds of transcripts transmitted through the channel Phyllis V. Schlemmer over a period of more than 20 years from a group of universal beings, known as The Council of Nine. Members of a distinguished international research group who have worked with Phyllis include such famous names as Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, former British racing driver Sir John Whitmore, and British Olympic hurdler David Hemery. Palden Jenkins edited the transcripts from the vast number of tape recordings of the channelled sessions." [1]


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