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Dr. Theodore S. Gold (Ted Gold) is "currently Director of the Joint Advanced Warfighting Program at the Institute for Defense Analyses (IDA). This new activity was established by the Department of Defense to help develop and experiment with new joint operational concepts and capabilities. Dr. Gold's career has concentrated on the applications of technology to national security. He has conducted and managed R&D at a National Laboratory, served in government in the Department of Defense, provided technical services and strategic planning advice to government and industry clients and led many end-to-end systems and architecture efforts."[1]

The following comes from the National Defense University web site:

"Dr. Gold is a member of DoD's Threat Reduction Advisory Committee, the Defense Science Board and for a four year term was Chairman of DoD's Ballistic Missile Defense Advisory Committee. His recent Defense Science Board activities include chairing studies of coalition warfare, rapid force projection, modeling & simulation, the transnational chemical and biological warfare threat, and cruise and ballistic missile defenses.

"Prior to moving to his current position at IDA in March 1998, Dr. Gold had been President of Hicks & Associates, Inc. (H&AI). Before joining H&AI in 1987, Dr. Gold had established and managed a National Security Studies Group at Booz-Allen and Hamilton.

"In the early 1980s, Dr. Gold served as Deputy Assistant to the Secretary of Defense responsible for chemical warfare deterrence and biological warfare defense programs. He was the first occupant of this position, worked closely with the military to improve the posture of our forces, and guided DoD's research, development, and procurement activities in these areas. He was also a major participant in the nation's chemical arms control initiatives.

"Before his government service, Dr. Gold held a variety of technical and management positions during a twenty-year career at Sandia National Laboratories. Much of his efforts at Sandia were directed toward helping ensure the safety, security, reliability, and control of nuclear weapons. He also designed weapon survivability, safing, and fuzing systems, led many system analysis efforts, did research in weapon effects, managed a large scale computing and programming center, and developed energy technologies.

"Dr. Gold received a BSEE degree from Renssalaer Polytechnic Institute, an MS degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of New Mexico, and a PhD in Engineering from the University of California, Davis."

  • Defense Science Board Task Force on Advanced Modeling and Simulation for Analyzing Combat Concepts in the 21st Century, Co-Chair with Gen. Larry D. Welch, USAF (Ret), May 1999[2]
  • Defense Science Board Summer Study on Tactics and Technology for 21st Century Military Superiority, Co-Chair with Donald C. Latham[3]