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"The mission of the THOMAS BERRY FOUNDATION is to carry out the Great Work of Thomas in enhancing the flourishing of the Earth community. Created in 1998 by Thomas Berry, Mary Evelyn Tucker, John Grim, Martin Kaplan, and Thomas' sister, Margaret Berry, the Foundation has promoted Thomas’ ideas through publishing his essays and overseeing translations, initiating an archive at Harvard, organizing the Thomas Berry Award and Lecture, developing a film and a book on the Journey of the Universe, and directing the American Teilhard Association. In addition, the Forum on Religion and Ecology at Yale builds on the innovative work of Thomas in the history of world religions through a joint degree program in religion and ecology as well as through conferences, publications and a website.

"The FORUM ON RELIGION AND ECOLOGY AT YALE is a principal program of the Foundation, and is directed by Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grim. The Forum was also created in 1998, following the completion of 10 conferences on World Religions and Ecology at Harvard (1996-1998), and the culminating conferences at the United Nations and the American Museum of Natural History. The Forum highlights the important roles that religions play in constructing ethical worldviews for interacting with other people, species, and the environment. It has helped to create a new field of study as well as a growing moral force for environmental action."[1]



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