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Thomas E. Brewton is a staff writer for the conservative New Media Alliance, parent organization for Brewton writes The View From 1776 blog—"and focuses on battling the 'forces of the liberal-socialist jihad', particularly in our educational institutions" [1]—which is a member of the MoveOff Network. He also blogs at Blogging Man 2007.


"Native of Louisiana; graduated from Louisiana State University in 1956. While there had the good fortune to study political science under Eric Voegelin and Constitutional law under Walter Berns," Brewton wrote in July 2006 for his Conservative Crusader bio.

"Graduated from the Harvard Business School in 1958, then worked in the Wall Street financial community for thirty years. After retiring, surrounded by liberals in Scarsdale, New York, began writing op-ed pieces for local newspapers and essays for my children, aiming to counter the barbarism of liberal-socialism. From this came my website, 'The View From 1776'," he wrote.

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