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Biographical Details

"Thomas L. Doorley, III practices within both of our client segments. As we discovered at the World Economic Forum, young, venture companies can teach the larger, public enterprise about reaction speed and creativity; the larger, established companies can share the value of process and structure as scale and complexity increase. Carrying experiences across the segments has proven to be valuable for both.

"As co-founder of Braxton Associates, Tom traveled the full cycle from concept to venture to business to global entity (identified by Consulting News as one of three truly global consultancies), then to acquisition (by Deloitte) and finally to successful integration and ongoing growth. When Tom left Deloitte to start Sage Partners, Braxton was embedded in the Firm as the strategy and operations practice, generating over $500 Million of revenue with 1,000 professionals. Braxton’s average annual growth rate: twenty five per cent per year! Throughout his consulting career Tom has focused on the strategic issues clients face as they strive to achieve high levels of performance. His work in this arena led to writing Value-Creating Growth (Jossey-Bass) in order to codify the lessons learned over the years. Clients such as GE, Northrop Grumman, Kimberly Clark and Deloitte have leveraged these concepts within their business practices. On entrepreneurial side, he has assisted a number of young companies to realize their visions. His longest running relationship is with StratBridge, where he assisted the Founder/CEO at the concept stage and continues to serve on the Board eight years later as it emerges as a highly successful provider of analytic software and services.

"Tom brings deep knowledge of strategy and governance to a variety of Board assignments. He serves as the Lead Director and Chair of the Compensation Committee for Natrol (NTOL: NASDAQ), a manufacturer and marketer of vitamins and supplements, StratBridge where his focus is strategy and growth, and on the Advisory Board for the Dean of Penn State’s College of Engineering. In addition, Tom was the inaugural Chair of the World Economic Forum’s Technology Pioneers, and served as a director of Advanced Ticketing Systems (UK)." [1]

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