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"In the United States, the first national conference featuring Pfeiffer as keynoters, dedicated to biodynamics took place at Threefold Farm in 1937. A year later, the Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association (today known as the Biodynamic Association) was organized in New York City - eight years priort to the British Soil Association. O.F. Gardner, who raised oranges in Florida, was chosen as president... Annual conferences continued to be hosted at Spring Valley until the center of activity shifted to Kimberton, Pennsylvania (abour thirty-five miles southwest of Rodale's center in Emmaus), where philanthropists H. Alarik Myrin and Mabel Pew Myrin established a Waldorf school and an 830-acre experimental farm with dairy and beef herds. Mabel was the daughter of Sun Oil Company founder Joseph Newton Pew Sr. ... The Pew brothers' small-government views were shared by Ralph Courtney at Threefold Farms..." (also Richard Gregg) (see the book Eco-Alchemy: Anthroposophy and the History and Future of Environmentalism)

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