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Tikkun note that their "goal is to build a community of people who share a common intellectual/spiritual perspective—an intellectual/spiritual cadre of activist social healers--even as they retain their own particular religious and spiritual practices. We will work together to bring a progressive spiritual politics into the various arenas in which we work. For example, we will bring our perspective into existing social change movements in the hopes of strengthening them and making them more successful. Our task is to support each other as we bring ideas into the public sphere that are often dismissed as "too idealistic" or "too spiritual"—and to help each other sustain a commitment to a transformative agenda against all the pressures to be "more realistic" and settle for much less than we actually believe in.

"In this work, we see ourselves as fundamentally connected to the thinking being done in TIKKUN magazine. We connect with all who hope for a real TIKKUN (the Hebrew word for healing, repair and transformation).

"The TIKKUN Community will not be a traditional organization—certainly not an organization that would compete with or take resources away from other social action groups." [1]

Tikkun Magazine

"Tikkun Magazine is a bimonthly critique of politics, culture and society. We are published six times annually. For the past 21 years, we have been the pre-eminent North American publisher of analytical articles on Israel/Palestine, Jewish culture, and the intersection of religion and politics in the United States.

"Tikkun Magazine is proudly distributed throughout North America by RCS Publisher Services and Magazine Distribution." [3]

"Since 1986, Lerner’s major work has been as the Editor of TIKKUN Magazine. TIKKUN was a perfect place for a Jewish intellectual. Lerner had the opportunity to work with the most creative thinkers and writers in the Jewish world. Our editorial advisory board includes leaders of all branches of Judaism, from orthodox thinkers like Michael Berenbaum, Avi Ravitsky, Chaim Seidler-Feller and Tsvi Blanchard to Conservative leaders like Elliot Dorff, Reuven Kimelman and Brad Artson, to Reconstructionist leaders like Arthur Green, to Reform leaders like David Saperstein and Gerald Serotta. TIKKUN was a champion of Jewish feminism from the start, and our editorial advisory board includes thinkers like Rachel Adler, Tikva Frymer-Kensky, Ilana Pardes, Judith Plaskow and Letty Cottin Pogrebin. Others who have written for TIKKUN include Robert Pinsky, Amos Oz, Lawrence Langer, Michael Walzer, Aron Rodrigue, Victor Perera, Natalie Zemon Davis, Art Speigelman, Marla Stone, Sidra DeKoven Ezrahi, Morris Dickstein, Martin Jay, Judith Hauptman, Eva Fogelman, Ellen Willis, Alfred Kazin, Deborah Lipstadt, Laurie Zoloth Dorfman, Geoffrey Hartman, Ze’ev Sternhell, Eric Yoffie, Steven Aschheim, Jyl Lyunn Felman, Yehuda Amichai, Jonathan Kozol, Lawrence Kushner, Egon Mayer, Arnold Eisen, Tsvi Blanchard, Jessica Benjamin, Carol Gilligan, Marge Piercy, Victor Frankl, David Terutsch, David Ellenson, Adrienne Rich, US Senator Paul Wellstone, Aharon Appelfeld, A.B. Yehshua, Zygmunt Bauman, Irwin Kula, Thane Rosenbaum, Ruth Setton, Galia Golan, Nessa Rapoport, Sanford Pinsky, Rebeccca Goldstein, Melvin Jules Bukiet, David Mamet, Rebecca Alpert, Phyllis Chesler, Paula Hyman, Blu Greenberg, Rachel Sabath, Marcia Prager, David Holinger, Mary Gordon, Tamar Frankiel, David Korten, Sylvia Barack Fishman, Nancy Chodorow, Ken Wilber, Rodger Kamenetz, Alicia Ostriker, Ishmael Reed, Paul Buhle, Leslie Epstein, Brenda Hillman, Michael Dyson, and Cornel West." [4]

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