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Tina A Walls was the Philip Morris (USA) Regional Manager for the Western Region, and then later on the State Government Staff (SGA) of Philip Morris International. [1] [2]

She worked in the late 1980s under Dale Florio, the Manager of State and Local Government division. Prior to joining Philip Morris she had been on the staff of Colorado Legislative Council in Denver, Colorado. Lists in the 1980s show that Tina Walls was designated the PM (USA) Regional Manager/Government Affairs, Western Region (Pleasanton, CA) looking after the states of Washington, Nevada, Oregon, Idaho, California, Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii, Utah, Colorado [3]

In January 1989 she was a Philip Morris delegate to a two day strategy meeting of the tobacco industry's disinformation managers, lawyers and lobbyists held by the Tobacco Institute at the Stouffer Concourse Hotel in Denver Colorado.[4]

In February 1993 the International division of Philip Morris brought together the key disinformation staff and executives from around the world to an "ETS World Conference" held at the Macklowe Hotel & Conference Center in New York. [5] The purpose of this conference was to organise global counters to the potential workplace smoking bans, and to the problem of second-hand smoke (ETS = Environmental Tobacco Smoke). Passive smoke (rather than direct/active smoking) had emerged as the major regulatory issue faccing the cigarette makers in 1989-1990 when the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) decided that the evidence had accumulated to the point where they needed to formally classify inhaled second-hand smoke as a Group A (known) Carcinogen. The EPA decided that it was the major problem with Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) which also included exudates from formaldehyde, and various chemicals found in photocopies, etc. at that time.

This conference blended company employees and advisors with the many paid consultants and academics who were linked to the tobacco industry by generous payments, grants and commissions. It gave rise to many of the tobacco industry's main nefarious activities. Involvement here shows that Tina Walls was an important member of the domestic Philip Morris (USA) company's disinformation staff.

In 1999 the main Philip Morris pro-smoking strategist Andrew Whist was abruptly forced to leave New York and return to Australia after having been exposed in a deposition during the Oklahoma case following the Master Settlement Agreement. He wasforced to admit that many of his 'organisations' were no more substantial than "A chair in my apartmne". Tina Walls inherited his phantom organisations; and these were primarly used for providing junkets to politicians and journalists: [6]