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This is one of a number of explanatory documents to help researchers understand the archives of tobacco industry documents held at the San Francisco Library archive.


This article is part of the Tobacco portal on Sourcewatch funded from 2006 - 2009 by the American Legacy Foundation.

The tobacco industry documents are archived at the San Francisco University Library [1] They now hold 14 million documents which are indexed and made available on-line. These are important not just to help identify the tobacco industry scams, distortions, lobbying, and helpers, but also because they offer an insight into the activities of a much wider group of industries with similar poisoning and polluting problems.

It is important to realise that private consulting groups and companies, and the numerous institutes, associations, think-tanks, etc. set up to service the tobacco industry often also provided similar services to other industries with problems. This became a distinct industry sector, usually with global reach, which continues today.

The tobacco documents are often difficult to read, however, until the researcher gets to understand the jargon, and industry-specific terms. These are often personal memos, also, and these forms of correspondence often only use first names, or nicknames. The most interesting of these are the documents of Philip Morris Corporate Affairs, and so we have included the first-name and nickname list for this group on another page.

Industry Abbreviations and Acronyms

A&P -- Arnold & Porters
  The Washington law firm that serviced Philip Morris.
AAA -- Action Against Access.
  A combined tobacco industry project promoted mainly by Philip Morris which had pretentions to 'educate' retailers and youth not to buy cigarettes or smoke before they were "old enough to make a mature choice". It was a desparate attempt to prove to politicians that they didn't really want kids to smoke -- while simultaneously promoting cigarettes through movies , pop festivals, and the use of cartoon characters, etc.
AAAA -- American Association of Advertising Agencies.
  The top American trade association (there were manyadvertising societies) involved in protecting their revenues by fighting against bans on the broadcasting of tobacco advertising.
AAF -- American Advertising Federation.
  One of the many trade organisations associated with the protection of revenues by fighting broadcasting bans on cigarettes.
ACC -- American Chemistry Council.
  This is a relatively new name for the old Chemical Manufacturers Association.
ACEQ -- Annapolis Center for Environmental Quality.
  An air-quality lobby group run by the Annapolis Center. (which was itself funded and controlled by the National Association of Manufacturers to promote Republican leadership aspirations.)
ACESS -- American Coalition for Entertainment & Sports Sponsorship.
  a fake sports organisation set up for the car-racing fraternity by the tobacco industry in the fight to retain tobacco sponsorship. NASCAR , Indy and Formula One were the main groups involved.
ACGIH -- American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists
  {information needed}
ACIL -- (unknown).
  An Australian/Asian Pacific economic research consultancy which produced a number of reports favouring the tobacco, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. It was later bought out by Carnno Ltd.
ACLU -- American Civil Liberties Union.
  The major organisation in its field in North America. It was fiercely protective of the right of free speech, which was levered by the tobacco industry (assisted by generous grants) to a position in support of "Commercial Free Speech" (the right to advertise any saleable product). This extreme position cause splits in the organisation, but the tobacco-supporting side won.
ACORN -- Association of Community Organisations for Reform Now.
  A nation-wide Democrat voter community organisation controlled by Citizens Consulting Inc. which was paid to register voters and garner donations for Obama. Later whistleblowers revealed that all was not well inside the organisation. The Republicans charged them with election fraud after the 2008 elections.
ACOSH -- Australian Council on Smoking & Health
  A highly-effective anti-smoking organisation.
ACS -- American Cancer Society.
  the premier cancer organsiation in the USA. Along with the American Heart Association , it led the fight against tobacco while the AMA sat on the sidelines. It was originally known as the American Society for Cancer Control (ASCC).
ACSG -- Advisory Committee of the Surgeon General.
  the group of scientists who actually produce the annual Surgeon-General's report on Smoking & Health. It was heavily infiltrated in the early years by paid tobacco scientists.
ACSH -- American Council for Science and Health.
  a scientific astroturf organisation set up by Elizabeth Whelan and Frederick Stare (both from the Department of Nutrition, Harvard School of Public Health) to support the chemical and food processing industries. It used the tactic of attacking the cigarette manufacturers to gain public acceptance and credibility as a legitimate public-interest organisation, but it is actually little more than a corporate lobby shop.
ACUS -- Administrative Conference of the US
ACVA -- ACVA Atlantic/Pacific.
  Later known as Healthy Buildings Int'l (HBI). This was a company that tested air quality in large buildings around the world , and exonerated tobacco smoke as a cause of sick-building syndrome. It was generously funded by the tobacco industry.
ACYPL -- American Council for Young Political Leaders.
  A semi-legitimate organisation used by the tobacco industry (and probably other industries also) as a way to influence up-and-coming political players in the USA and other parts of the world. The industry paid for junkets, seminars, etc. which all had a high-loaded Republican-libertarian pro-business agenda. Philip Morris ran many ACYLP operations in Eastern Europe after the wall came down.
ADAMHA -- Alcohol , Drug Abuse & Mental Health Act
  (known as the Addictive Substances Administration Act) Became SAMHSA in mid 1995
ADELF -- Israeli Foundation
  American chapter is a based in St Louis , Missouri
ADI -- Acceptable daily intake
  {information needed}
ADL -- AD Little Company.
  A well-known industry research contracting company. The chief tobacco researcher , Charles Kensler, was convinced that he could produce as safe cigarette.
AECA -- American European Community Association.
  This organisation was founded by Sir David Nicholson , the Chairman of Rothmans, as a relatively legitimate transAtlantic business-friendly association in Europe (among a group of old wartime intelligence associates), and was translated to the USA and run by Philip Morris as an entirely fake organisation, used to fund political junkets.
AEI -- American Enterprise Institute.
  An almost-legitimate , right-wing, pro-business policy/think-tank which was set up by the National Association of Manufacturers, and sustained by Republican party billionaires (Scaife and Coors + others) and their foundations. It harbors some partisan 'scholars' and acts as a warehouse for Republican Presidential aides who lost jobs when the Democrats were in power.
AFCO -- Australian Federation of Consumer Organisations
  It carried on a series of court cases and appeals after charging the tobacco industry with printing and broadcasing misleading advertisement about the safety of its products. This became a land-mark case in the tobacco wars.
AFL-CIO -- Umbrella trade union group in the USA.
  It was an ally of the tobacco industry during the early years of the passive smoking debate because it saw smoking restrictions in the workplace as a loss of worker freedoms. Its officials maintained this opinion with the assistance of generous financial contributions of various kinds.
AHD -- Atmospheric Health Sciences
  Domingo Aviado's company which received concealed funding from Special Account #4.
AHERA -- Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act.
  the 1986 AHERA ruling brought asbestos to the notice of the public. It also implicated tobacco since the two were synergistic.
AHF -- American Health Foundation.
  a charity foundation for research into cancer which was run as a private fiefdom by Ernest Wynder who sometimes opposed, and sometimes collaborated with the tobacco industry. The jury is still out on Wynder; he received $10 million a year to help invent a "safer cigarette" which almost everyone assumed was impossible.
The AHF could be relied on to turn up as a legal or congressional witness to say that the industry was doing genuine research and trying hard to produce a less harmful cigarette -- and therefore shouldn't be harshly regulated. The AHF now calls itself the Institute For Cancer Prevention since it went broke after years of lavish spending on executive salaries.
AIA -- Association for Indoor Air.
  One sub-part of the ARIA group of fake scientific organisations set up in Switzerland with Philip Morris funding.
AIA/NA -- Asbestos Information Center - North America.
  a propaganda operation set up by Johns Manville Asbestos , and run by Matt Swetonic at E Bruce Harrison (actually Hill & Knowlton).
AID -- Agency for International Development.
  a section of the US State Department which had close associations with the IIHD.
AIG -- American International Group.
  a holding company for insurance with 71 state subdivisions. It's billionairre CEO Hank Greenberg pumped a fortune into right-wing think tanks to prove that there was a crisis in the courthouse over product liability and that the USA therefore urgently needed tort reform. When AIG went broke in 2008 it nearly brought down the whole US economy.
AIHA -- American Industrial Hygiene Association.
  Industrial Hygenists are those who advise on workplace safety , etc. The tobacco indistry had a lot of influence in this organization
AIHC -- American Industrial Health Council.
  An umbrella lobbying organisation set up jointly for the Chemical Manufacturers Association , SOCAM (Pesticides), and the Soap and Detergent Association, It was set up in 1977 by Elizabeth Whelan, who went on to run the ACSH. It shared an address with the Formaldehyde Institute.
AIM -- Accuracy in Media.
  One of Scaife-Coors-Krieble pseudo think-tanks (it called itself a 'media watchdog') which was intended to put pressure on various media outlets to favour New Right (neo-con) ideas. The chemical and tobacco industries also backed it.
ALA -- American Lung Association.
  A fierce critic of the tobacco industry , and consequently one of the main targets of their vitriol (along with the Cancer and Heart Societies)
ALEC -- American Legislative Exchange Councils.
  A very large , very powerul association of (claimed 3000) conservative State and Federal politicians, and top business executives. ALEC allowed them to exchange views and campaign funding pledges out of the public eye. The tobacco industry gave ALEC about $100,000 pa for a seat at the top table.
ALEPH -- A French society of epidemiologist. It was funded by the tobacco industry.
  and provided money laudering services for some of their seminars and conferences.
ALF -- American Legacy Foundation.
  This was set up by the Tobacco Settlement agreement.
AMA -- American Medical Association/Australian Medical Associaton.
  The American doctors organisation was reluctant to attack the tobacco industry (many top doctors own tobacco farms) , while the Australian organisation was an early opponent.
AMA-ERF -- AMA Education and Research Foundation.
  The tobacco industry effectively bought off the AMA in December 1963 by putting $10 million into a foundation under the control of a group of doctors who had no intention of finding anything , anyway. This silenced the AMA for a dozen years. The AMA opposed packet labelling on behalf of the industry, and gave it a massive PR triumph ("Doctors research finds nothing!")
AMATIL -- Allied Manufacturing and Trading Industries Ltd.
  A major conglomerate which held the BAT cigarette and Coca Cola franchises in Australia
ANA -- Association of National Advertisers.
  Another advertising group which helped tobacco fight against advertising bands on radio and television.
ANCOM -- Andean Pact countries
  In Philip Morris terms in 1974 this covered: Columbia, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, Bolivia, and Chile.
ANPA -- American Newspaper Publishers Association.
  Another advertising group that helped tobacco fight against advertising bans.
ANPR -- Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
  This is a standardised process of the OSHA and EPA. It gives the corporations advanced notice of proposed regulatoy standards , and has mechanisms for their input.
ANPRM -- Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
  - part of the US Administrative Procedures Act which requires rules to be pre-published in The Federal Register. It will later be followed by an NPRM (formal notificiation)
APACT -- Asian Pacific Assn for Controlling Tobacco.
  an activist anti-tobacco organisation.
APCO -- APCO & Associates.
  This was originally Arnold & Porter Co. (APCo) - a property investment firm owned by the lawyers at Arnold & Porter. It was transformed into APCO , a PR company, to provide Philip Morris with a front-group in establishing many astroturfs and product liability coalitions. Then it developed into a real PR firm, and was later part-sold to Grey Marketing and then on-sold to WPP. Later it split away in an executive buy-out and is now called APCO Worldwide.
API -- American Petroleum Institute
  A collaborator with the tobacco industry in many attacks on Clean Air regulations.
APO -- Arnold & Porters Organisation
  For some reason both this and the abbreviation A&P are used for this law company (the main boardroom law firm for Philip Morris)
It provided one or two of the Board members of PM, and had close associations (via ex-partner Judge Fortas with President Johnson, and the Tobacco Institute.
ARIA -- Association for Research into Indoor Air.
  a fake consultancy association set up by C&B lawyers for the tobacco industry to provide cover (and launder payments) for their European consultants and whitecoats.
It was run by Professor Roger Perry, Dr Francis Roe and Dr George Leslie, and it had its own newsletter, peer-review journal, and seminar organisation. It also laundered funds for the members.
ARTIST -- Asian Regional Tobacco Industry Science Team.
  a consulting service-front group set up by the lawyers to the tobacco industry to help develop cooperation among Asian consultants and whitecoats.
ASFC -- Association Suisse des Fabricants de Cigarettes
  The Swiss NMA- which was also a version of the US Tobacco Institute
ASH -- Action on Smoking & Health
  One of the world's most active anti-smoking organisations run initially by John Banzhaf.
ASHRAE -- American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and AirConditioning Engineers.
  They set the world standards for ventilation and airconditioning, and therefore were heavily infiltrated by tobacco IAQ WhiteCoats. Most air conditioning engineers had parallel interests with the tobacco industry in promoting the need to maintain and upgrade air-conditioning plants, rather than just cut out smoking.
ATC -- American Tobacco Co.
  This is generally called ATCO
Asian Tobacco Council based in Hong Kong
ATCO -- American Tobacco Company
  which became part of the American Brands conglomerate. This was the original holding company of Buck Duke's tobacco trust , but it withered away over the years until it was No. 5 in the US market.
ATRA -- American Tort Reform Assocation
  A fake grassroots organisation attempting to change the product liability laws (exempting tobacco and limiting payouts for other products) It was put together by the Washington head office of Business RoundTable then run by APCO and financed (at least half) by Philip Morris.
ATRF -- Australian Tobacco Research Foundation
  Another PR effort to promote the idea that real research was happening in Australia.
AUD -- Australian Dollar
  Sometimes used in Australia to distinguish US$ from A$
AWG -- African Working Group
  Executives from the various cigarette companies trying to get a foothold in Africa, or to extend their influence over African government regulations.
B&W -- Brown & Williamson.
  the No.3 American tobacco company that was taken over by BAT and operated as a subsidiary. Most of the key decisions were taken in the UK , but the US bribery and corruption activites were run by B&W. Also called BWT.
B-M -- Burson-Marsteller
  the second largest PR agency and lobbying company in the world in the 1970s. It specialises in industries which have problems.
Burson-Marsteller ran most of the corrupt activities of the tobacco industry around the world in the 1990s. Before that, it was only one-of-many, with Hill & Knowlton taking the lead. Later it took over the tobacco account from Hill & Knowlton and is now part of the WPP Group.
BASP -- Bureau for Action on Smoking Prevention
  In Europe
BAT -- British American Tobacco.
  This is a global company based in the UK , with only a small part of the cigarette market in Britain. It owns B&W Tobacco in the USA, WD & HO Wills in Australia, and has various other tobacco, food, insurance and other operations around the world.
BATCo -- British American Tobacco Company.
  This refers to the overall holding company in the UK.
BATF -- Bureau of Alcohol , Tobacco and Firearms
  US government agency
BATUS -- British American Tobacco's United States subsidiary. This was little more than a shell company mainly looked after the non-tobacco businesses of BATCo.
  with Brown & Williamson (B&W) looking after the tobacco side.
BC&T -- Bakery, Confectionery & Tobacco Worlkers Int'l Union
  They were tobacco industry helpers.
BEUC -- European Consumers Union
  (French term for this 'Bureau')
BG&R -- Barbour Griffith & Rogers
  Washington's top Republican lobbyshop. Haley Barbour was chairman of the Republican National Committee. and from Jan 2004 the Governor of Mississippi. He is a top Republican strategist.
BIRC -- Burswood International Resort Casino
  The venue of a famous West Australian legal battle over passive smoking in the workplace
BM -- Burson-Marsteller
  the second largest PR agency in the world in the 1970s. It took over the tobacco account from Hill & Knowlton and proved to be even more ruthless and amoral in it use of propaganda. It is now part of the WPP Group along with Hill & Knowlton.
BPCT -- Best Practicable Control Technology
BRT -- Business RoundTable
  This is a worldwide organisation. In Washington DC, it is the meeting place of the select few top executives of only the largest corporations (led by Coca Cola). However, in the US States, it includes most of the major corporations. In other countries it is highly variable -- in New Zealand, for some years it virtually controlled the national government.
BSI -- British Standards Institution
  {information needed}
BWIT -- Brown & Williamsons International Tobacco (aka B&WIT)
  Effectively the international, as against the domestic, arm of B&W. This was acquired by British-American Tobacco. In 1980 BWT and BWIT merged to become a division of the overall organisation.
BWT -- Brown & Williamson Tobacco
  The US domestic arm of B&W (Itself a subsidiary of BAT). In 1980 BWT and BWIT merged to become a division of the overall organisation.
C&B -- Covington & Burling
  The main Washington lawyers of the tobacco industry in litigation , legislation and political lobbying. It was America's largest and most agressive law firm for many years. Both the Tobacco Institute and Philip Morris used them also as corporate lawyers -- and they became specialists indesigning and running secret organisations such as those with WhiteCoats. (However Shook Hardy & Bacon did more undercover work for the tobacco industry.)
CAA -- Clean Air Act
  Virtually every poisoning and polluting company joined forces to attach the Clean Air Act , and try to emasculate it.
CACM -- Central America and Caribbean Region.
  In Philip Morris terms in 1974 this covered: Guatermala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, and Nicuaragua.
CADM -- Clean Air Devices Manufacturers
  One of the ventilation groups
CAFE -- Corporate Average Fuel Economy
  Standards imposed during the oil shocks to try to make US automobiles more effficient (and less polluting). Industry coalitions were created to attack these.
CAG -- Carcinogen Assessment Group
  of the EPA in the 1976-83 period. They looked at 150 dangerous chemicals.
CALA -- Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse.
  A general name for a series of astroturfs created by US tort reform operators. There are different versions in each American state, and all were tied to ATRA. (ie CalCALA)
CARB -- California Air Resources Board
CARE -- Californians Against Regulatory Excess
  A tobacco front organisation in 1980 working to block Prop 10.
CART -- Coalition Against Regressive Taxation
  A tobacco, alcohol and trucking Astroturf
CAST -- Council on Agricultural Science and Technology
CCA -- Council of Chemical Associations
CCC -- Calorie Control Council
  run by the cyclamates (artificial sweetner) industry
CCMA -- Certified Color Manufacturers' Association (USA)
  {information needed}
CCS -- Californians for Common Sense
  a fake grassroots organisation set up to fight a no-smoking proposition. Funded to the tune of $6 million by tobacco
CDC -- Center for Disease Control
  Of the US government's Dept. of Health & Human Services.
CDC -- Control Data Corporation
  which provided database facilities for the lawyers.
CDIT -- Centro Documentazione e Informazione sul Tabacco
  The Italian cigarette importers association led by Philip Morris.
CDT -- Center for Democracy and Technology
  Washington based , deals with the Internet
CEC -- Clearinghouse on Environmental Carcinogens
CECCM -- Confederation of European Community Cigarette Manufacturers
  This group became an important, but distinct arm of the European tobacco backlash activities, working with INFOTAB and ICOSI.
CEHG -- California Environmental Health Group
CEHHT -- Center for Health and Human Toxicology.
  A service company operated out of Georgetown University in Washington DC by Sorrell and Balter , which handled all the dealings for the tobacco industry's IAPAG group. Members of IAPAG automatically had access to CEHHT.
CEI -- Competitive Enterprise Institute
  an offshoot of the American Enterprise Institute. It was run as a private fiefdom by Fred Smith , and constantly sought tobacco money to support its attack on health activism.
CEQ -- Council on Environmental Quality
  A Seattle based tobacco front organisation run by Kay H Jones.
CERCLA -- Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act
  The Superfund toxic clean up legislation.
It was passed in the lame-duck period by President Carter in December 1980 and then stalled by the Reagan Administration for three years.
CHD -- Coronary Heart Disease
  This covers the full range, but usually means arthereosclerosis leading to heart-attacks.
CHIP -- Chemical Hazard Information Profile
  {information needed}
CHIPS -- A detailed list maintained by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to assist in proving safety information when a immediate and quick response is needed over a chemical spill.
  {information needed}
CHIPS -- Chemical Hazard Information Profiles
  {information needed}
CIA -- Chemical Industries Association (UK)
  {information needed}
CIAR -- Center for Indoor Air Research.
  A hastily cobbled-together research organisation, funded and controlled through the Tobacco Institute, as an antidote to the expected adverse findings of the WHO's IARC cancer group. It supposedly did research on indoor air quality (IAQ) and environmental tobacco smoke (ETS). It gave grants to favoured scientists.
CIC -- Chemical Industry Council/s
  Each of the US states had such a council which was loosly connected to the Chemical Manufacturers Association.
CIDAC -- Cancer Information Dissemination and Analysis Center
  {information needed}
CIIT -- Chemical Industry Institute of Technology/Toxicology
  Early in its existance , it actually did some good research into formaldehyde in the air, but essentially it acted as a 'research front' and lobbyshop.
CJRG -- Civil Justice Reform Group
  A tort-reform front made up of the in-house lawyers from forty of the biggest U.S. corporations - each had to pay $100,000 to join.
CMA -- Chemical Manufacturers Association
  This is the umbrella organization; now known as ACC for American Chemical Council , The CMA had many subsidiaries, such as SOCMA (Synthetic Organic Chemical Mfg Assn) It was once known as the MCA (Manufacturing Chemists Assn) and it later became the American Chemical Council (ACC)
CNCT -- French National Committee Against Tobacco
  an anti-smoking group
CNS -- Central Nervous System.
  {information needed}
CO or CO2 -- Carbon monoxide (poisonous) or dioxide
  Both compounds are found in tobacco smoke , but the CO levels are always a worry even in low concentrations.
COCUS -- Chamber of Commerce of the United States
  The umbrella of the US Chambers of Commerce , and all the other State and Local chambers.
COLD -- Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease
  A medical catch-all term for everything from bronchitis to lung cancer.
COMPASS -- Confederation of Major Participant and Spectator Sports
  A tobacco industry front group in Australia started by Andrew Whist of Philip Morris to fight to retain sponsorship.
CORA -- Corporate and Regulatory Affairs department
  The Public Affairs office of British American Tobacco. It has 5 teams , Corporate Communications, Corp. Marketing, Staff Planning and Development, Regulations, Investor Relations.
CORESTA -- Cooperation Centre (or Center for Cooperation) for Research Relative to Tobacco
  The global organisation of tobacco chemists who were later recruited to serve a PR purpose
COT -- Committee on the Toxicity
  of Chemicals In Food, Consumer Products and the Environment (UK)
CPSC -- Consumer Products Safety Commission.
  the US regulator which looks after the safety of products sold to the public. The tobacco industry had a long battle with the CPSC over fire-safety -- but they were generally blocked by Congress from taking any effective action. The tobacco industry was blaming the manufacturers of bedding and furniture for making flamable products, while the manufacturers of these products wanted cigarettes to be designed to go out when accidentally dropped.
CRADA -- Cooperative Research and Development Agreement
  The EPA's framework approach to managing the private sector in regulatory toxicology and risk assessment.
CRS -- Congressional Research Service
  This organisation is said to be an arm of the Library of Congress , but since many of its key appointments are made politically, it can be highly partisan. Each of the major parties is allowed to selecting the own people to fill the key positions, so it often turns out highly dubious reports -- but which the media often promote as if they were independent.
CRU -- Children's Research Unit
  London-based outfit run by Glen Smith which did work around the world for the tobacco industry to 'prove' that advertising wasn't effective with children (and therefore didn't persuade them to smoke)
CSE -- Citizens for a Sound Economy and its related astroturf Citizens for a Sound Environment.
  Both of these right-wing pro-business organisations were funded by the tobacco industry (and other polluting industries) , and for many years they were controlled by C Boyden Gray (Bush White House counsel, and heir to part of the RJ Reynolds Tobacco fortune). It is now called "FreedomWorks"
CSG -- Council for State Governments
  Such 'councils' provide laundered channels for funds to be paid into political organisations and individual politicians. The CSG was supported by grant from TI
CSIRO -- Commonwealth Scientific , Industrial and Research Organisation
  Australian national labortory network involved in everything from animal husbandry to astro-physics.
CSMA -- Chemical Specialty Manufacturers Association
  An arm of the CMA both in the USA and in other countries with similar umbrella organisations for the chemical industry.
CTIA -- Cellular Telephone Industry Association
  The umbrella organisation of the cellphone industry (name since changed to 'Telecommunications' - acronym the same)
CTMC -- Canadian Tobacco Manufacturers Council
  They endowed a chair at Concordia University in 1987
CURE -- Coalation for Uniform Regulation
  Big business + tobacco lobby
CWA -- Clean Water Act
  There were a number of these.
CWD -- Compensating Wage Differential
  A term used in risk assessment to mean the higher wages paid to people willing to do risky work (with the assumption that they understand the risks). It is part of the unfettered free-market rhetoric.
CWG -- Chemical Working Group.
  The Tobacco Advisory Council (of the UK) subsidiary which became ETS Working Group in April 1987.
DAC -- Defence of Advertising Committee
  of ICOSI
DCG -- Developing Countries Group
  of ICOSI and later INFOTAB
They were concerned with expanding the US and European tobacco company business into Africa, Asia, Latin America, etc.
DGPT -- German Society for Pharmacology and Toxicology.
  {information needed}
DHEW -- Department of Health Education & Welfare.
  also called HEW
DHHS -- Department of Health and Human Services
  This was originally HEW.
DHSP -- Directorate of Health Standards Programs.
  Part of the OSHA.
DHSS -- Department of Health and Social Security (UK)
  This became the Department of Health (DoH) after December 1989. It was located in the Elephant & Castle area and sometimes refered to by this name.
DNP -- Duty Not Paid
  A euphemism for smuggled cigarettes (or Duty-free). This was also known by the euphemism, "transit trade".
DOC -- Doctors Ought to Care
  A fervent and highly effective US anti-smoking group
DoE -- Department of the Environment (UK)
  {information needed}
DoH -- This was the UK Department of Health so-called after Dec 1989. It was originally known as the DHSS.
  {information needed}
DP -- Duty Paid
  ie 'not smuggled' (smuggled cigarettes were DNP - duty not paid)
EAAA -- European Association of Advertising Agencies
  Formed as a cigarette-advertising defence committee and liasing with ICOSI in 1980
EAC -- Educational Activities Council
  a PR subsidiary of the CMA.
EBH -- E Bruce Harrison
  This was America's primary PR/lobbying company in the anti-environmental wars. It was set up by Bruce and his politician wife Patricia to fight environmentalism after Rachel Carson published "Silent Spring". The company was then acquired by Ruder-Finn, then later by Hill & Knowlton but retained as a separate identity working for the asbestos , chemical, tobacco and other industries on environmental-health matters.
ECETOC -- European Chemical Industry Ecology and Toxicology Centre
  {information needed}
EDF -- Environmental Defense Fund
  An influential environmental group which did some original research. They became an effective lobby force alongside Greenpeace, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), the Public Interest Research Group (P1RG), and the Sierra Club.
EEC -- European Economic Community
  This was the early national grouping of European states. The original treaty was signed in Rome on 25 March 1957 by the representatives of the Federal Republic of Germany , Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. Later it grew to encompass Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Germany FR, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, and the UK
EEC Region -- European Economic Com. Region
  In Philip Morris terms in 1974 this covered: West Germany, France, Italy, Belgium„ Netherlands, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Denmark, and Ireland. Philip Morris had a PM-EEC division which looked after the main part of Europe, and an PM-EEMA division which took control of the rest (Scandanavia, Switzerland, some Middle Eastern areas, and later Eastern Europe)
EEMA -- Eastern Europe + Middle East + Africa.
  The initials refer to a division of Philip Morris International which was distinct from the division which looked after European Common Market countries. Both were headquartered in the FTR division of Philip Morris at Neuchattel , Switzerland. However it fell under the umbrella control of PM International based in New York. It handled all the "Non-European Common Market" parts of Europe (including Switzerland and Scandinavia at various times), together with the Middle East and North Africa.
EFTA -- European Free Trade Assn.
  In Philip Morris terms in 1974 this covered Sweden, Iceland, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Portugal and Finland.
EGIL -- (Swedish term - unknown).
  a scientific service group set up by the C&B lawyers to help the tobacco industry by providing cover for Scandinavian consultants and whitecoats. Torbjorn Malmfors ran the group for Philip Morris.
EMC -- Executive Management Committee
  (Used in BAT and Wills)
EMF -- Electro-magnetic frequencies (also below)
  This is the whole spectrum which encompasses low- and medium-frequency radio , then high-frequency and microwave radio, moving higher into the range of infra-red, visible and ultraviolet light. At the upper-end of this range the energy in each photon is high enough to break the major bonds of DNA, so above this range, in the X-ray and Gamma-ray range, the EMF is considered to be "ionising" and dangerous to humans.
EMF -- Electromagnetic Fields
  Within distances of about one wavelength of a transmitter , the electrical and magnetic fields exist as distinct entities.
EMR -- Electro-Magnetic Radiation
  Radiation here doesn't imply danger, just propogation See EMF.
EMRO -- The WHO's Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office
  based in Alexandria.
EPA -- Environmental Protection Agency.
  the US regulatory agency which posed the most obvious threat to the tobacco, chemicals, automobile, energy and mining industries. These industries established numerous astroturfs and coalitions and ran many projects to try to limit EPA 'risk assessments' and 'rule making'. It was constantly facing threats from all directions.
EPD -- External Program Division
  Of Philip Morris Companies under Andrew Whist in the late 1990s/ It ran hundreds of influence operations with Hispanic, Asian, Black organisations
ESEF -- European Science and Environment Forum
  This was the European version of TASSC -- an Astroturf -- run for the tobacco industry by Roger Bate who was simultaneously the co-director of the Environment Unit of the Institute for Economic Affairs in the UK (The top think-tank in the European Atlas Network).
ETS -- Environmental Tobacco Smoke
  As distinct from the primary smoke taken directly into the lungs by a smoker. ETS consists of exhaled primary smoke , plus 'sidestream' smoke emitted by the cigarette burning in the ashtray. It has different chemical characteristics to primary smoke because nicotine, for instance, breaks down into other substances in contact with oxygen molecues ('cotatine')
ETS was the tobacco industry's prefered term for the ambient room smoke involved in passive smoking. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) comprised ETS and other noxious substances, including chemical and plastic fumes, cooking oils, photocopier chemicals, etc.
ETSWG -- ETS Working Group
  of the UK Tobacco Advisory Council. This group had previously been known as the Chemical Working Group (until 1987)
EU -- European Union
  The more formal combination of European states which developed from the EEC. It was established in November 1993 There is a European Union parliament with elected members.
EVIN -- French (later European) Law
  This was a law against youth smoking
FAA -- Federal Aviation Agency
  It controlled smoking on aircraft;
FAC -- Food Advisory Committee (UK)
  {information needed}
FACA -- Federal Advisory Committee Act
  FACA allows federal government agencies to establish committees of individuals with particular areas of expertise that the agencies need to carry out their duties.There are many FACA advisory committees on health established under this act.
FAO -- Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
  {information needed}
FASEB -- Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology
  {information needed}
FAST -- Food & Allied Services Trades
  Union of the AFL-CiO
FCC -- Federal Communications Commission
  This controlled tobacco advertising on radio and television and it controls the radio emission limits of cellphones.
FCS -- Fire-Safe Cigarette
  The UK terminology.
FCTC -- Framework Convention on Tobacco Control
  which was created by the WHO , and progressively signed by various countries (Turkey in early 2004 became the 107th to sign).
FDA -- Food & Drug Administration.
  the US regulatory agency which has an oversight role on food and pharmaceuticals. The tobacco industry lived in dread of tobacco being classified as an addictive drug which would have brought it under FDA control.
FET -- Federal Excise Tax
  In the USA , taxes on cigarettes could be applied both at the federal and at state levels, and sometimes also at the local level
FIFRA -- Federal Insecticide Fungicide and Rodenticide Act
  {information needed}
FIRE -- Finance, Insurance and Real Estate
  One business sector involved in some coalitions.
FOI -- Freedom of Information
  The right of the citizen to gain access to government correspondence and reports.
FOREST -- Freedom Organisation for the Right to Enjoy Smoking Tobacco
  A highly active pro-smoking group which was founded in 1978 by Lord Harris of High Cross. It was linked to the IEA , and through this organisation to the Atlas Group of foundations.
FSI -- Food Service Industries
  Most of the tobacco companies were also in the food and confectionary business.
FTC -- Federal Trade Commission
  Regulates internal and external trade in the USA , including the control over tobacco advertising.
FTR -- Fabriques de Tabac Reunies
  A Swiss (Geneva) cigarette manufactory bought by Philip Morris and used as their European base. Close by was Neuchattel , which housed some of the PM International divisions.
FUBYAS -- First Unbranded Young Adult Smokers
  A RJ Reynolds category of young smokers who they believed could become Camel addicts. It meant that the new teenagers smokers were not locked in to one brand of cigarettes, and so could easy be converted to smoke Camel.
FYI -- For Your Infomation
GAO -- General Accounting Office
  A US government oversight organisation which prepares substantial reports on regulatory agencies (not just accounting materials).
GASP -- Groups Against Smoking Pollution
  A highly-active anti-smoking group
GCC -- Gulf Cooperation Council
  The Middle East tobacco region of Bahrain , Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emerates (Egypt a phantom member)
GCI -- Global Climate Coalition (also below)
  Controlled by the National Manufacturers Association and some large poisoning and polluting industry groups. It worked with SEPP and other industry organisations to defeat the Kyoto protocols.
GCI -- Grey Corp. Intl.
  This is the international holding company of Grey Marketing which supposedly bought and ran APCO & Associates -- now APCO Worldwide. [APCO probably remained part-owned by Philip Morris]
GEP -- Good Epidemiology Practices
  A set of criteria for the use of epidemiology results in government regulations. These were secretly formulated by scientists and lawyers of Philip Morris (updating a previous version cobbled together by the Chemical Manufacturers Association) and then attempts were made to foister them on the European Union as regulatory standards. It was devised as a way to counter the "precautionary principle".
GF -- General Foods
  Bought by Philip Morris, as distinct from the merged Kraft - General Foods division. (KGF)
GI -- Galagher International
  The UK based cigarette company
GLP -- Good Laboratory Practices
  {information needed}
GMP -- Good Manufacturing Practice
  {information needed}
GMU -- George Mason University
  which housed Bob Tollison , Richard Wagner, JamesBennett, and other tobacco industry acolytes.
GOP -- Grand Old Party
  The republican's name for the Republican Party. This is an attempt by Republicans to maintain a tenuous link to the party of Abe Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt when it was often a genuine party of reform.
GR -- Government Relations
  (as distinct from Public or Media Relations)
GR&DC -- Group R&D Centre
  BAT's term for its Southampton R&D Center
GRAS -- Generally Recognised As Safe
  A term commonly used in health regulation to apply to products , medicines, or therapies which seem to produce no adverse reactions.
GSM -- Global Standard for Mobiles
  A European cellphone standard
GT -- General Trade
  A tobacco-industry euphemism for smuggled cigarettes.
GTC -- A RJR code
  It was used for the project which became the Premier cigarette (Spa, Alpha and other code names were used also)
H&K -- Hill & Knowlton.
  At one time the world's largest public relations company. It ran the main tobacco industry accounts in the 1950s to 80s (sometimes via subsidiaries such as E Bruce Harrison, etc). However the company split in 1989 when some of the executives objected to the tobacco links, which then passed over to Burston-Marsteller and APCO. H&K is now part of the global WPP group, who's chairman (until recently) was PM's ex-CEO Hamish Maxwell.
HALT -- Help Abolish Legal Tyranny
  One of the many "tort reform" astroturfs put together by APCO in its fight to reduce the risk of product liability laws for tobacco and other industries.
HAN -- Heidelberg Appeal of Netherlands
  This was an extension of the infamous ICSE organisation put together by a consortium of climate-denial industries to promote the Appeal as a genuine expression of scientific concern.
HBI -- Healthy Buildings International.
  a global air-quality testing company , previously known as ACVA. It was funded by the tobacco industry to ensure that second-hand smoke never was a major component in its finding. Philip Morris also paid it to produce a global magazine (in many languages) on indoor air for office managers.
It was a gold mine for its operators because they were paid both by building owners to conduct air-quality surveys and by the tobacco industry to produce low-level measurements of tobacco smoke. The owner Gray Robertson was himself a WhiteCoat and consultant.
HCRA -- Harvard Center for Risk Analysis
  A private consortium run by John D Graham with the support of some other Harvard School of Public Health dons. It had foundation funding of $10 m from a half-dozen large corporations and government agencies , and now has over 100 large corporate supporters. It pays Harvard University for the rights to use the Harvard name.
HEC -- Health Education Council
  in the UK who were constantly at odds with the tobacco industry
HEI -- Health Effects Institute
  A part-EPA-funded research/grants institute run in association with the automobile industry and the asbestos companies in a vain attempt to try insulating the air pollution research from the funding source. It is difficult to know how successful this has been, or how independent the HEI remained (it sloughed off Clean Sites and a couple of other Waste-related operations)
HEN-RY -- a Scandinavian Smokers Rights organisation
  It was run out of Denmark but also funded by Philip Morris in Finland, and run by a Finnish doctor.
HES -- Holcomb Environmental Services
  Basically an pseudo-air-testing company run by Larry Holcomb, in an attempt to match the success of HBI.
HES & HESG -- Health & Environmental Sciences Group
  A science-for-sale operation run by George Carlo. Thorne Auchter (ex OSHA) was a silent partner. They ran both tobacco and cellphone science-for-sale operations (WTR)
HEW -- Health, Education and Welfare
  The US department which was split into separate agencies in the 1980s. It was run by Joseph Califano during the Carter Administration when the tobacco industry described the attacks he made on them as 'HEW-warfare'. HHS/DHHS is the later version of this health agency. Also called DHEW.
HHS -- Health and Human Services
  (aka DHHS) This was formerly known as Department of HEW (or DHEW) - the US Department of Health, Education and Welfare.
HMTA -- Hazardous Materials Transportation Act
HORECA -- Hotels , Restaurants, Casinos
  This is the formal name of an international organisation which was heavily funded by the tobacco industry to fight against smoking restrictions. It was based in Geneva.
HSC -- Health and Safety Commission (UK)
  {information needed}
HSE -- Health and Safety Executive (UK)
  {information needed}
HSSC -- Human Smoking Sub-committee
  of the Tobacco Research Council UK
HVAC -- Heating , Ventillation & Air Conditioning
  The general mechanical-engineering discipline of keeping building environments comfortable and liveable.
HYD -- Help Youth Decide
  A program run by the tobacco industry with the help of the NASBE to convince legislators that the companies were not trying to recruit children as future smokers. It was both a project of the Tobacco Institute and a booklet widely circulated in the 1984-86 period. Jolly Ann Davidson (President of NASBE) was recruited to front the project.
IAI -- Indoor Air International.
  Part of the ARIA group of fake scientific organisations. It was set up in Switzerland with Philip Morris funding. It produced the newsletter 'AirMail', and had it own 'peer-reviewed' scientific journal. It also ran seminars, workshops and conferences for the tobacco companies. See ARIA and AIA also. It was put together by Philip Morris in the UK to create a level of scientific legitimacy to their scientific recruitment (WhiteCoat) activities in Europe and Asia.
IANOS -- International Assembly of National Organisations of Sports.
  The tobacco industry tried to start its own international sports association in competition to IANOS. (International Confederation of Sports, run by tobacco lobbyist Wayne Reid)
IAP -- Indoor Air Pollution
  A term used sometimes in the 1980s.
IAPAG -- Indoor Air Pollution Advisory Group.
  a fake consultancy organisation set up in Georgetown University to launder the funds paid to a number of scientists and academics (from a few local universities) by the tobacco industry. They also ran the major database of research studies for the tobacco industry's lawyers (See CEHHT). IAPAG members were the prototype 'WhiteCoats', but the term wasn't used in the USA.
IAQ -- Indoor Air Quality.
  The tobacco industry tried for years to convince regulators and politicians that Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) was only a minor component of IAQ. They failed,. In fact dust, fungal growths, outdoor pollution, and volitile chemicals from machines, carpets and furnishings all are minor contributers to IAQ problems. The term 'Sick Building Syndrome' (SBS) was invented in an attempt to deflect the blame for workplace respiratory problems to badly maintained or inadequate air conditioning systems.
IAQC -- Indoor Air Quality Coalition/Council
  another front group for the tobacco industry. This one was run by Brian Quinn.
IARC -- International Agency for Research on Cancer
  the Lyon-based cancer research arm of the World Health Organisation (WHO). It conducted a major multi-national study into the possible adverse health effects of passive smoking. The tobacco industry only had limited success at penetrating this organisation, however it did have consultants at the top level of the WHO.
IC -- Imperial College
  A London University college which housed Professor Roger Perry and PWW Kirk his faithful side-kick -- both lackeys of the tobacco industry.
ICOSI -- International Committee on Smoking Issues
  The main global conspiracy operation based in Europe with funding from a half-dozen of the major global cigarette companies. It became INFOTAB around 1980.
ICRDB -- International Cancer Research Data Bank
  {information needed}
ICSE -- International Center for Scientific Ecology
  A fake climate-denier organisation established by SEPP in Paris to handle the Heidelberg Appeal project (funded by tobacco and asbestos industries) Run by Michel Salomon.
IDFC -- International Duty Free Confederation
  formed from ICOSAAS in 1988
IEA -- Institute for Economic Affairs (UK)
  A peak European think-tank founded by Lord Harris of High Cross who also ran the FOREST smoker's rights operation for the tobacco industry. The IEA also spawned the Adam Smith Institute , and dozens of others similar think-tanks in Eastern Europe. It has strong institutional links to the Atlas Group of foundations.
IEEE -- Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers
  which sets standards for human radio frequency (RF/EMF) exposures.
IFAQ -- In Flight Air Quality
  The testing of the air-quality within aircraft. It required special portable equipment , and raised special issues with flight attendents constantly exposed to high levels of ETS.
IIHD -- Institute for International Health & Development.
  a fake NGO which was set up by Philip Morris (possibly with Catholic University help. Paul Dietrich and David Morse ran anti-WHO operations out of this institution which was supposedly in the Catholic University in Washington DC , and in Geneva, Switzerland.
IIT -- Illinois Institute of Technology
  It housed the IITRI (research division).
IITRI -- Illinois Institute of Techology; Research Institute
  which provided research facilities (?) and status for DJ Moschandreas and David Sterling
ILSI -- International Life Sciences Institute
  Run by Coco-Cola (and Nestle) as a food-industry 'self-regulating' lobby and standards group. It had tobacco companies hidden involvement. It's value was that it was recognised by the World Health Organisation (including the IARC) and the Food and Agriculture Organisation as a legitimate research group and was given NGO status -- which allowed it to sit at the table when key decisions were being made.
It ran the so-called independent scientific organisation, Toxicology Forum, as subsidiary. However they also ran lobbying operations, for instance, against California's Prop 65 Clean Water initiative.
ILSI-HESI -- ILSI Health and Environmental Sciences Institute.
  {information needed}
ILSI-NF -- The ILSI's Nutrition Foundation
  Philip Morris and the other tobacco companies joined this division through ownership of food subsidiaries.
ILSI-RSI -- ILSI's Risk Science Institute
  heavily funded by the tobacco industry.
INBIFO -- An independent German research organisation purchased and controlled by Philip Morris. INFOTAB -- International Tobacco Information Center
  An International lobby organisation run by Bryan Simpson until 1990 , then John Bloxcidge for the cigarette manufacturers. It put out propaganda and tried to influence the European Union and United Nations agencies, and coordinate action worldwide.
IOCU -- International Organisation of Consumer's Unions.
  They tended to act almost as a division of WHO.
IRET -- Institute for Research on the Economics of Taxation
  run by PM's friend Norman Ture.
IRIS -- Integrated Risk Information System
  The EPA's way of handling toxicological uncertainty.
IRLG -- Interagency Regulatory Liaison Group
  This was an attempt to coordinate the activities and definitions of the various government agencies, FDA, EPA, OSHA, etc.
IRP -- Institute for Regulatory Policy
  An astroturf/policy institute created for the tobacco industry by Thorne Auchter and Jim Tozzi at MBS. It mainly worked on the promotion of Risk Assessment as a way of countering regulation by the EPA.
ISC -- Independent Scientific Committee (on S&H)
  A committee of the UK government in the 1980s
ISCSH -- (UK) Independent Scientific Committee on Smoking & Health
  This committee generally opposed public smoking, when not under Tory governments. However under the Thatcher-Tory government they became a sham smoking and health regulator.
ISIAQ -- International Society for Indoor Air (& Climate)
  This was set up by tobacco industry scientists/lobbyists. However they recruited so many genuine scientists to provide the organisation with a facade of legitimacy, that they appear to have lost control of it ... and it became a legitimate scientific society.(maybe?)
ISO -- International Standards Organization
  This organisation set standards for testing tobacco smoke, EMF, etc. So it was important to the tobacco companies. It is actually not a UN organisation, but rather a cooperative.
ISREC -- Institute of Cancer Research in Lausanne
  This appears to be a Swiss government research institute which housed the Leuchtenbergers (tobacco researchers)
ITC -- Interagency Testing-Committee (USA)
  {information needed}
ITC -- International Technology Corporation
  {information needed}
JAL -- Japanese Air Lines
  This airline had major concerns with smoking because most Japanese executives smoked.
JDR&P -- Jones Day Reavis & Pogue
  This was a very large, world-wide legal partnership which has strong links to the US State Department.
JECFA -- Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives
  {information needed}
JTI -- Japanese Tobacco Institute
  {information needed}
K&S -- King & Spalding
  Atlanta-based legal firm which had London offices and worked extensively for the tobacco industry.
KF -- Kraft Foods
  a subsidiary of Philip Morris that they often used to hide payments from the tobacco company
KGF -- Kraft General Foods
  (Also Kraft General Foundation) a major subsidiary of Philip Morris that was often used to hide payments from the tobacco company
KTHRI -- KentuckyTobacco and Health Research Institute
  In Lexinton KY. Funded and controlled by the tobacco industry at Kentucky University.
L&M -- Liggett & Meyers Tobacco company
  {information needed}
LMC -- Labor Management Committee
  set up by the Tobacco Institute to influence labor and the unions.
LOR -- Lorillard Tobacco company
  {information needed}
LRD -- Literature Retrieval Division
  of the CTR. Effectively, this was the industry's joint database of scientific research and legal precedences, The lawyers wanted it shifted out of this organisation and placed under a law-firm to prevent discovery during court-cases.
LST -- Life Skills Training
  A curriculum organised and devised by Philip Morris , and promoted by PM and B&W through school boards.
LTE -- Letter to the Editor
  Probably the most widely used method of lobbying.
LW&K -- Lovell White & King
  UK lawyer for BAT which later became WL&D (Durrant)
LWD -- Lovell White Durrant
  UK legal and lobbying firm. It was the UK equivalent of Shook, Hardy and Bacon in the USA. It became the specialist contract training firm for the 'Document retention' (ie destruction) program around the world.
MAFF -- Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (UK)
  {information needed}
MAN -- Media Access Network   or   Media Action Network   or   Media, Advertising, Newspapers
It depends on the company and the period. In Philip Morris USA this meant the eighteen top PR firms which were located in the top 25 media markets. MAN consultants in various states looked after their local columnists, editors, etc.
MBS -- Multinational Business Services
  The top-level disinformation organisation run by Jim Tozzi and Thorne Auchter. They had Federal Focus, CRE, IRP and a dozen or so other faux policy-institutes and fake societies under this umbrella. Currently they run the '"Center for Regulatory Effectiveness"' (CRE).
MCA -- Manufacturing Chemists Association
  the 1970s precursor to the Chemical Manufacturer's Association (CMA) which later became the American Chemical Council (ACC).
MCDS -- Ministerial Council on Drug Strategy (Aust)
  A council of state health ministers that promoted labelling regulations in Australia.
MCL -- Maximum Constituent Level
  This is the maximum tar and nicotine (and any other substance the regulator deems important) permitted in the cigarette. Different regions/countries had different MCLs.
MCRA -- Medical Care Recovery Act
  Federal act used to sue the tobacco companies in 1999
MCS -- Multiple Chemical Sensitivities
  This interested the tobacco industry since it offered an alternative explanation to ETS induced Sick Building Syndrome ... but it also increased the threat of regulatory action on IAQ. The tobacco industry was worried that one of the chemicals identified in poor indoor air quality testing might be tobacco smoke.
META -- Middle East Tobacco Association
  formally constituted in 1998 for "promoting and defending the Tobacco Industry in the GCC countries (BAT , Gallaher, PM, Reynolds, Rothmans and B&W)
MEWG -- Middle East Working Group
  The group of tobacco representative who colluded in the joint strategy to block smoking restrictions in the Gulf countries.
MRC -- Medical Research Council
  This could refer to a large number of Councils, but it probably refers to the UK which linked smoking with cancer in 1955.
MRH -- Martin Ryan Haley
  who's company of the same name provides political lobbying information including legislation tracking.
MS -- Mainstream Smoke
  {information needed}
MSA -- Master Settlement Agreement
  An agreement made in the late 1990s between the US federal and state governments and the tobacco industry. They paid a few hundred million dollars in compensation for health care costs , and received some immunities from prosecution. The tobacco documents were opened to the public under this agreement.
MSDS -- Material Safety Data Sheets
  Testing for the safety of tobacco ingredients. Toxicology reports were required by some national health authorities.
MTD -- Maximum Tolerable Dose
  Used in risk-assessment to suggest that there is a threshold for danger in toxic substances. If you keep below the MTD, the toxic compound does not constitute a danger
MV -- Mission Viejo
  A Californian real-estate (closed community) development company owned very profitably by Philip Morris.
NACA -- National Agricultural Chemicals Association
  {information needed}
NACD -- National Association of Counties
  supported by grant from TI
NACS -- National Assoc of Convenience Stores
  supported by grant from TI
NALEO -- National Assoc of Latino Elected Officials
  supported by grant from TI
NAM -- National Association of Manufacturers
  Don't confuse with NMA. This is the largest broad-based industrial trade assocaition in the USA. It worked closely with the Tobacco Institute on occasions.
NAM -- National Association of Manufacturers
  the US association of general industrial manufacturers (not specifically cigarettes)
NAN -- National Assoc of Neighborhoods
  supported by grant from TI
NAS -- National Academy of Sciences
  The umbrella organisation
NAS/NRC -- National Research Council of the NAS
  This organisation handles the research.
NASBE -- National Association of State Boards of Education
  The president of this organisation , Jolly Ann Davidson, was an important promoter of the tobacco industry's claim not to be influencing young people to smoke. See HYD
NASDA -- National Asscociation of State Depts of Agriculture
  which was supported by grant from TI
NAW -- National Association of Wholesalers
  (Later they added -Distributors , but didn't use NAWD) They were close associates of the tobacco industry especially in tort-reform projects.
NBCSL -- National Black Caucus of State Legislators
  supported by a $8,000 grant from TI
NBS -- National Building Standards
  Does some testing for government agencies (including fire propensity of cigarettes)
NCEHS -- National Center for Environmental Health Strategies
  a multiple chemical sensitivity action group.
NCI -- National Cancer Institute
  A government research agency; a subdivision of the NIH
NCI/TWG -- National Cancer Institute -Tobacco Working Group.
  It came under the the control of the tobacco industry and was dissolved, and its director Gio Gori fired.
NCIAQ -- National Coalition on Indoor Air Quality
  This was a trade (air conditioning) association, and Philip Morris were invited to become an active member with full voting rights in 1992.
NCIR -- National Center for Intitative Review
  This was put together by a PR company to act as a watchdog to block public-smoking-ban initiatives. it was founded and supported by grants from TI
NCL -- National League of Cities
  supported by grant from TI
NCLC&S -- Nat Soc of Legislative Clerks & Secretaries
  supported by grant from TI
NCLCC -- National Coalition for Legal Cost Containment
  another of the tort reform organisations.
NCSL -- National Conference of State Legislatures
  supported by grant from TI
NCTR -- National Center for Toxicological Research
  {information needed}
NED -- National Endowment for Democracy
  a semi-US government funding channel used to launder money for Oliver North's Nicuarguan activities and some associated 'stink-tanks'.
NFIB -- National Federation of Independent Business
  A collaborator with the tobacco industry in almost all attempts to reduce smoking , and limit legal liability.
NGA -- National Governor's Associations (NE/Mid West?Southern/Western)
  supported by grant from TI. It was used to launder both campaign contributions, and to provide junkets.
NGO -- Non-Government Organsiation.
  this term is applied to organisations like the Red Cross which are independent of governments and the United Nations , but which are recognised as legitimate health-promoting, and therefore entitled to take part in WHO deliberations.
NH&MRC -- National Health & Medical Research Committee
  The Australian government-funded research-granting committee.
NHMRC -- National Health and Medical Research~Council (Australia)
  {information needed}
NICSH -- US National Interagency Council on Smoking & Health
  based in New York with membership drawn from dozens of government and medical organisations.
NIEHS -- National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
  A subdivision of the US National Institutes for Health (NIH).
NIH -- National Institutes of Health (plural)
  This is the US's national medical research agency and the umbrella over the National Cancer Institute (NCI), the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) and others. It is part of the DHHS.
NIOSH -- National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
  part of the NIH
NLBA -- National Licensed Beverage Association
  supported by (appr.$4,000) grants from the Tobacco Institute.
NMA -- National Manufacturers Associations:
  In common use by the US disinformation experts it refered to national lobby organisations such as the Tobacco Institute, or to any similar lobby-research-propaganda organisation in each country. In Europe it may also mean a meeting of top cigarette executives. Don't confuse with NAM which was the US National Association of Manufacturers (general industrial).
NO -- NO = Nitric oxide
  This is a free-radical and a recognised 'signaling molecule' in biology. It is also a pollutant resulting from combustion; too little in the body is dangerous as is too much.
NOI -- Notice of Inquiry
  issued by regulatory agencies as a preliminary stage in rule making.
NOWL -- National Order of Women Legislators
  supported by grant from TI
NPL -- Newman Partners Ltd
  a science-lobby company consisting of Lloyd ('Larry") Newman who ran the business, and Fred Newman who was senior internal legal counsel to Philip Morris. The company still operates in Columbia, VA. but the tobacco business passed over to APCO.
NPR & NPRM -- Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
  usually a process of the OSHA to give time for industries to react. It was the formal followup to the ANPRM (Advanced notice of proposed rulemaking)
NRA -- National Restaurant Association
  US lobby group which was funded to fight against smoking bans in restaurants.
NRA -- National Rifle Association
  Which probably has the best-financed , most highly-active, and most effective political lobby in the world.
NRC -- National Republican Committee
  The top organisation and strategy committee.
NRC -- US National Research Council
  of the National Science Academy.
NRDC -- Natural Resources Defense Council
  An activist group which uses legal means to protect wildlife and a healthy environment.
NRSC -- National Republican Senatorial Committee
  {information needed}
NSA/NRC -- The National Science Academy has a National Research Council to do some of the investigative work.
  {information needed}
NSB -- US National Science Board
  {information needed}
NSM -- New Smoking Materials
  a vague term used to cover various tobacco substitutes (some of which are reconstituted tobacco). Imperial Tobacco in the UK was particularly enamoured with the possibilities of NSMs.
Also called NTM New Tobacco Materials: Experimental materials intended to replace tobacco in cigarettes.
NTEC -- National Tobacco Education Council
  RJR and PM were attempting to revive this in September 1996.
NTIS -- National Technical Information Service (USA)
  A Library of Congress subdivision, best known for its extensive database of research abstracts.
NTM -- New Tobacco Materials. See NSM.
  {information needed}
NTP -- National Toxicology Program
  Run by the US government through the NIEHS (and therefore part of the NCI). It produced lists of known and suspected carcinogens. It had its own testing laboratories, but was enormously overloaded with work so it never really became a threat to tobacco.
NYS -- New York Society (for International Affairs)
  A common truncated abbreviation for the NYSIA (below)
NYSIA -- New York Society for International Affairs.
  (aka NY Society) A fake'business-friendly' international organisation run entirely by Andrew Whist at Philip Morris as a way to fund political junkets and pay-offs.
NZ -- New Zealand
  {information needed}
OCAW -- Organization of Chemical and Atomic Workers
  {information needed}
OCC -- Office of Cancer Communications,
  National Cancer Institute
OECD -- Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
  A semi-government economics organisation in Europe.
OFSP -- Swiss Federal Public Health Office
  {information needed}
OHMR -- Office of Hazardous Materials Regulations
  {information needed}
OIRA -- Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs
  A subdivision of the OMB which had oversight on the main US government regulators. It exercised extraordinary power to disrupt the regulatory agencies during the Reagan Administration under Jim Tozzi , and again during the second Bush administration under John D Graham.
OMB -- Office of Management & Budget
  This is a White House operation which, in the Reagan Administration, took control of the major regulatory agencies and effectively stripped them of their power through controlling their budgets. It has a subsidiary, the OIRA which did the actal dirty work.
OPP -- Office of Pesticide Programs
  a division of the EPA
OPTS -- Office of Pesticides and Toxic Substances
  a division of the EPA
ORD -- Office of Research & Development
  a division of the EPA
ORNL -- Oak Ridge National Laboratories
  These are private laboratories that do contract work for the tobacco and other industries. The term "national" in the US doesn't carry the connotation of "government' (as it does in some other countries).
OSHA -- Occupational Safety & Health Administration.
  the US regulator (part of the Department of Labor) which looks after workplace safety and makes rules about occupational exposure to chemicals , pollutants, etc.
OSS -- US Office of Strategic Services
  The US precursor to the CIA. It was disbanded after World War II.
OSTP -- Office of Science and Technology Policy
  {information needed}
OSW -- Office of Solid Waste
  a division of the EPA
OTA -- Office of Technical/Technology Assessments
  of Congress? Library of Congress? It can provide independed advise to Congress, but it is also subject to partisan control.
OTS -- Office of Toxic Substances
  a division of the EPA
P&P -- Poisoning and polluting
  A general term for the loose coalitions of tobacco , chemical, energy, pharmaceutical and other companies which face product-liability and regulatory agency problems because of their effect on human health and/or the environment.
PAC -- Poisons Advisory Council
  {information needed}
PAD -- Public Affairs Division
  of the Tobacco Institute
PAH -- Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons
  a special type of airborne compound resulting from burning (dioxins and furans). Many of this class of chemicals have been proved to be carcinogenic.
PAHO -- Pan-American Health Organisation.
  the Meso- and South-American arm of the World Health Organisation (WHO). It operates reasonably independently of WHO. It is one of five regional divisions.
PASS -- Portable Air Sampling System.
  These units were being developed to measure the pollution contents in aircraft, transport systems, bars and restaurants, etc. Of course the results depended on who did the measuring -- and where the device was located.
PHS -- US Public Health Service
  {information needed}
PLCC -- Product Liability Coordination Committee
  A major corporate-funded 'tort-reform' coalition set up and run by Victor Schwartz of Crowell & Morling. It was originally called the TPLA. The aim was to reduce the potential liability of corporations like the cigarette companies , oil producers, etc. to both human damages and punitive damages, and to make it more difficult for class actions to be mounted.
PM -- Philip Morris
  Just the general term
PM USA -- Specifically the domestic company
  It had about half of the most agrressive of the inhouse lobbyists and scientific disinformation experts. As the group grew, power shifted progressively to PMI.
PME -- Philip Morris Europe.
  the division which looked after the European Common Market countries (in the early years, also Switzerland and the Scandinavian countries). It had its headquarters in Switzerland, but the Corporate Affairs division was later shifted to Brussels. This later divided into PM EEC (European Common Market area) and PM EEMA (Scandinavia, Switzerland, Middle East and North Africa)
PMI -- Philip Morris International
  This division looked after Philip Morris operations around the world except for the US domestic (PM USA) market. The term Philip Morris Inc. was once used for the whole group - the holding company (Later called PM Group , or PMCC). There was also briefly a PM Industrial company.
PML -- Philip Morris Ltd
  The name used by the company in Australia. (Also PMA)
PMMC -- PM Management Company
  Also for a while PM Management Corp.
POP -- Persistent Organic Pollutants
  Predominantly pesticides and the break-down products of pesticides that are now widely limited by the Stockholm Convention.
PR -- Public Relations
  {information needed}
PSCC -- Places Strategu & Coordination Counsel
  of PM USA
QEP -- Quantative Estimation and Prediction.
  A technique favoured by many of the independent and government scientists who made up the World Health Organisation's health-research committees. It was the alternative to the tobacco-industry's GEP, so they tried to block its use.
QUIDS -- (not an acronym)
  They were organizations which offered "quid-pro-quo" -- they were organisations who were willing to form coalitions with the tobacco industry on specific projects because they were aligned with the potential outcome.
RCP -- Royal College of Physicians
  Doll, Peto and others conducted a series of epidemiological studies on smoking and lung-cancer/mortality through the RCP
RF & R/F -- Radio Frequency
  the radio part of the Electro-magnetic spectrum (ie EMF)
RI -- Rothman's International
  Originally a South African company
RIA -- Regulatory Impact Assessment
  Required by the regulators after the Reagan Administration's attempts to limit their power.
RICO -- Racketeer Influenced & Corrupt Organisations act
  Designed to be used against conspiracies and organisations like the Mafia, but later turned against the tobacco industry.
RJR -- RJ Reynolds Tobacco Co.
  This company was taken over by KKR in a junk-bond buyout, and eventually it became Reynolds Nabisco. It was originally the most profitable of the American tobacco giants, but the asset strippers destroyed most of its profitability.
RJRN -- RJ Reynolds-Nabisco
  The name used after the tobacco company acquired the Nabisco operations.
RJRT -- RJ Reynolds Tobacco
  The distinction is probably being made between the tobacco side of RJR's business and its extensive food operations (Del Monte , etc), shipping, oil etc.
RLC -- Research Liason Committee
  a committee of the Tobacco Institute (was RRC before) This committee had members from the scientific , technical, PR, and legal sectors. The two legal members were from the Committee of Counsel. Their project were usually paid via Special Project #4 accounts. (secret)
RRC -- Research Review Committee
  A short-lived committee of the Tobacco Institute , which became the Research Liason Committee in Oct 1974.
RSP -- Respirable Suspended Particulate
  ETS carbon/solid pollution, as distinct from nicotine and such substances as VOCs which are not particles but gases.
RTS -- Reconstituted Tobacco Sheets
  A fancy name originally for the scraps left over, which were compressed into a usable form; later this became a deliberately-made tobacco substitute which (they hoped) would be less cancerous.
RYO -- Roll Your Own
  seen as a competitive market to cigarettes.
S&H -- Smoking & Health
  A general term used throughout the industry.
S&L -- Savings & Loans
  Refers (probably) to the great scandal in 1982 which involved US politicians like John McCain.
S&T -- Science & Technology.
  Philip Morris had a S&T division in USA and another at their FTR headquarters in Neuchatel , Switzerland. These groups ran the major scientific disinformation campaigns and WhiteCoat operations in Europe and America. They dealt with Smoking & Health issues.
Legitimate research was done by the acutal R&D division at Richmond which was quite a separate operation (although sometimes called upon to collaborate).
SA -- Scientific Affairs
  A term commonly used in Philip Morris USA , See also WSA (Worldwide Scientific Affairs). These were disinformation operations, not genuine R&D.
SAB -- Scientific Advisory Board
  These varied from completely independent groups of experts, to heavily loaded cabals of paid scientists. SAG (Group) was also used.
SAC -- Scientific Advisory Committee
  Similar to a SAB but the advisory committees tend to be less specific - it was there to provide advice.
SAD -- State Activities Division/Directors
  The Tobacco Institute's staff who handle the local lobbyists in the various states. They usually worked under Regional Directors.
SAMHSA -- Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
  This had been known as ADAMHA until mid 1995.
SAMMEC -- Smoking-attributable Mortality , Morbidity and Economic Costs
  A CDC computer model for evaluating the 'social cost' of smoking. There were two versions.
SAPC -- State Activities Policy Committee
  of the Tobacco Institute.
SAR -- Specific Absorption Rate
  A measure of how different body tissues absorb the energy in radio waves.
SARA -- Superfund Amendments and Reauthorisation Act
  This gave the EPA the right to investigate indoor air (radon and tobacco smoke).
SAS -- Scandinavian Air Services
  The first of the airlines to become concerned about air quality in their aircraft.
SAU -- Social Affairs Unit
  An UK think-tank run by Digby Anderson that worked extensively for the tobacco industry.
SAWP -- Social Acceptability Working Party
  a subcommittee of the ICOSI (later INFOTAB). These were top political manipulators from most of the global tobacco companies which met regularly in Europe to plan infiltration and counter-attacks against the WHO , anti-smoking conferences, and general environmental activist organisations. It had very little to do with 'acceptability' and a lot to do with infiltration of regulatory authorities, bribery, recruitment of associates, formation of coalitions, and the flow of misinformatiom.
SBS -- Sick Building Syndrome.
  This was an idea successfully promoted by Theodor Sterling and a couple of other tobacco industry consultants to exploit exaggerated fears of Legionairre's Disease (a dangerous bacteria sometimes found in air-conditioning water supplies) and misdirect public attention away from tobacco smoke. SBS , they suggested, was the cause of respiratory workplace problems, not ETS in the ambient air. The solution they then offered was replacing air-conditioning equipment and regular maintenance, not the banning of workplace smoking. (There was a smidgen of truth in the claims).
SCALES -- Stop the Collapse of America's Legal Ethics
  a project run by the Washington Legal Foundation as part of its promotion of the tort-reform activities of its Big Business funders.
SCF -- Scientific Committee for Food (EEC)
  {information needed}
SCORES -- Society for Consideration of Restrictions on Smoking
  {information needed}
SCOTH -- Standing Committee on Tobacco & Health (?)
  UK committee that reported to the government on the dangers of ETS.
SEITA -- Societe Nationale d'Exploitation Industrielle des Tabacs et Allumettes
  French national tobacco monopoly.
SEIU -- Service Employees International Union
  {information needed}
SEPP -- Science & Environmental Policy Project
  A lobby group set up by S Fred Singer with Alexis de Tocqueville and Unification Church assistance , and funded by energy, chemical and tobacco companies. APCO played a key organisational role.
SFSP -- French Society of Public Health
  {information needed}
SG -- Surgeon-General
  Under the Secretary for Health , the Sur-Gen had responsibility for Administration and Congressional advice on smoking and health. The tobacco industry was able to veto Republican candidates for this office.
SGA -- State Government Affairs
  in Tobacco Institute and Philip Morris USA lobbying circles
SGA -- State Governor's Association
  when dealing with junkets and influence.
SGAC -- Surgeon-General's Advisory Committee
  The group of scientists who actually wrote the Surgeon-General's report on smoking and health each year. It was infiltrated by the tobacco industry in the early years , but achieved relative independence later.
SGAC -- State Government Affairs Council
  supported by grant from TI
SH&B -- Shook Hardy & Bacon
  The US tobacco industry's main coordinator of global illicit activities (litigation witness recruitment, database of useful research, money laundering, pay-off of scientists, political bribery) since 1960. It is based in Kansas City. They had offices and associates all over the world working for the tobacco industry and they ran the secret Special Account #4 operations to pay academics, etc.
SHB -- Shook Hardy & Bacon
  The US tobacco industry's main coordinator of global activities (litigation , pay-off of scientists, political bribery) since 1960. It is based in Kansas City.
SI -- Statutory Instrument
  {information needed}
SIGMA -- A type of smoking machine
  Used for extracting smoke tars.
SLC -- Scientific Liason Committee of the UK TAC.
  {information needed}
SLLF -- State Legislative Leaders Foundation
  supported by $5 ,000 grant from TI
SOT -- Society of Toxicology
  it had a number of "Speciality Groups"
SPF -- Specific Pathogen Free
  Research laboratory animals which are guaranteed as free of pathogens. These animals need specially sterile facilities since they have few antibodies.
SPI -- Society of the Plastics Industry
  which fronted the CURE operation
SRG -- Smokers Rights Groups
  Supposedly 'grassroots' organisations; they were usually founded and funded by the tobacco industry (mainly PM) using Burson-Marsteller PR agency.
SRI -- Stanford Research Institute
  which did a lot of secret work for the joint-tobacco industry Research Liason Group and other confiential research for companies.
SRM -- Smoker's Rights Meetings ( the initial meetings, also called 'Stingers')
  {information needed}
SRRC -- Scientific Research Review Committee
  (PM Richmond) This was a committee of genuine scientists headed by Cathy Ellis (who also dabbled in disinformation).
SS -- Sidestream Smoke
  as disinct from MS or Mainstream Smoke. These two are components of ETS. SS hasn't passed through the lungs of anyone , and the tobacco burned at a lower temperature.
SS-ETS -- Sidestream Smoke & Environmental Tobacco Smoke
  The distinction is being made here between the overall tobacco pollution of the air , and the component of that caused by cigarettes just burning in (say) an ashtray. ETS consists of exhaled smoke and side-stream smoke.
SSI -- The Dutch Cigarette Manufacturers Association
  {information needed}
STA -- Swedish Tobacco Association
  which employed Covington & Burling in 1988 to counter a Swedish government commission to reduce smoking.
STAG -- Scientific and Technical Advisory Group
  (of ICOSI) A scientific organisation of the tobacco industry which actually consisted of scientists doing product (as distinct from health) research.
STAT -- Stand Tall Against Tobacco
  A fervent anti-smoking group. Promoted prevention and cessation in middle schools. Fought against teenage addiction.
STIC -- Special Trial Issues Committee
  This was the later witness development team of the National Committee of tobacco legal counsel.
SWT -- Scientific Witness Team
  The tobacco industry had a number of these. They were flying-squads of friendly scientists who could reliably be flown in to any problem area in the world to give courtroom or Congress/parliamentary evidence that smoking was entirely a healthy habit.
TABAC -- A French Smoker's Club
  funded by the industry.
TAC -- Tobacco Advisory Council (UK)
  Which provided the tobacco industry with an organisation to deal with governments and coordinate their surrepitious activities. It was the British version of the US Tobacco Institute, and it had its PRC (Public Relations Committee) and other sub-committees. It was the replacement for the older TRC, and, in turn, it became TMA (Tobacco Manufacturers Assn) in Jan 1994. It directed most of the UK's dirty tricks.
TAN -- Tobacco Action Network
  Begun by TI in 1978 , and was organised on a state-by-state basis to be run by 'friends of tobacco' (enlisted tobacco workers).
TASSC -- The Advancement for Sound Science Coalition.
  a notorious fake scientific organisation set up for Philip Morris to push the line that the EPA regulators and other anti-smoking scientists were using "junk science". It also established the web site. TASSC was established by APCO & Associates, then later handed over to be run by Powell-Tate for RJ Reynolds (with Steve Milloy as front) when it became exposed through the release of PM documents.
Eventually it was taken over as a wider commercial operation by Steve Milloy and Bonner Cohen.
Euro-TASSC was the copy being created for Philip Morris by B-M and APCO jointly. It was to be based in London, but it was replaced by the ESEF which was was run by Roger Bate of the IEA.
TCJL -- Texas Civil Justice League
  another fake grassroots organisation (a CALA) working on tort-reform
TDC -- Tobacco Documentation Center
  This was the successor to INFOTAB after 1990. It was run by lawyers Shook Hardy & Bacon.
TDS and TDS Ltd -- Theodor D Sterling's first family company TDSA and TDS&A -- Theodor D Sterling & Associates
  One of the most faithful and trusted research organisations generating tobacco industry's propaganda. It did highly dubious IAQ building testing, contract fake research, and anything else that paid well.
TFA -- Tobacco Research Committee
  (German Verband -- VdC-Tabakforshungsausschuss) Set up in 1977 to replace the Forschungsrat.
TFP -- Tobacco ??? Production
  A process of making reconstituted sheets for cigarette production. TFP is added to cigarettes at various levels.
TGIC -- Tobacco Growers Industrial Council
  or committee. They seemed to operate independently of the TI, but were supported by grants from TI. The GOP has various formal and informal factions, ranging from liberal-progressives (very much out of power in the 1980s and 90s); economic rationalists (the privatise everything brigade); the rat-bag religious right (run by ecumenicals and fundamentalists); the war-mongering neo-cons (ex Trotskiites), and George Dubya Bush's "compassionate conservatives".
THRI -- Tobacco & Health Research institute
  A Tobacco-funded and part-controlled research institute at the Kentucky university. It was funded via a special Kentucky tax on cigarettes.
TI -- Tobacco Institute
  The Washington DC-based operation which lobbied for the industry. It had state divisions and regional controllers.
TIA -- Tobacco Institute of Australia
  The Aussie version of the TI.
TIPAC -- Tobacco Institute PAC ( Political Action Committee)
  A useful political bribery fund.
TIRC -- Tobacco industry Research Committee
  established in 1954 in reaction to the first wave of evidence showing cigarettes produced lung cancer. It later became the CTR.
TLF -- Tobacco Litigation File.
  held by the CTR on behalf of the Ad Hoc Committee of Litigation Lawyers for the tobacco industry (c 1981) This became LSI.
TLV -- Threshold limit value
  {information needed}
TMA -- Tobacco Manufacturer's Association (UK)
  This was the later change of name from the TRC (in Jan 1994
TMA -- Tobacco Merchants Association
  In the USA
TMSC -- Tobacco Manufacturers Standing Committee
  Created in the UK in 1956 and modelled after the American TIRC. It later became the TRC and then TAC.
TNO -- Center for Applied Scientific Research
  A Dutch organisation used by the tobacco industry to do some research, prepare booklets, etc. It was a science-for-sale operation when required.
TOH -- Tobacco Or Health
  A major World Health Organisation program
TOPPAC -- Tobacco People's PAC
  a way of raising funds supposedly from industry executives -- used to bribe politicians via campaign funding.
TPLA -- The Produce Liability Alliance
  This was a tort-reform coalition operated and run by Victor Schwartz of Crowell & Moring. It changed name to Product Liability Coordination Committee (PLCC)
TPM -- Total Particulate Matter
  the visible particles in smoke (the 'tar') - as distinct from the invisible vapor-phase compounds
TPRT -- Tobacco Products Research Trust
  This group supposedly "pursued the strategy of harm reduction" - making a safer cigarette.
TRC -- Tobacco Research Council (UK)
  This group of manufacturer's representatives (the science lobbyists) change its name to TAC in Jan 1979.
TSCA -- Toxic Substances Control Act (USA)
  {information needed}
TSCA -- Toxic Substances Control Act.
  Law passed in 1976 to address non-pesticidal toxic chemicals (mainly asbestos). It empowered the EPA to act.
TSM -- Tobacco Sales Monitors
  who visited the retail stores and monitored their displays [Medical=Tracheal Smooth Muscle]
TSSG -- Toxic Substances Strategy Group
  Set up by the president's Executive Order in 1977. Comprised regulatory and research agencies.
TTF -- Tobacco Task Force
  Philip Morris's high-level tactical group comprising executives and key operatives. (c) 1994 [It was also known as the Tobacco Action Force & Tobacco Action team]
TTG -- Tobacco Technology Group
  Philip Morris's product development group based in Richmond
TTO -- The Tobacco Observer
  The Tobacco Institute's newsletter.
TVOC -- Total Volatile Organic Compounds
  The total pollutants in the air from petrol and other fumes , etc. (as distinct from particulate matter).
TWG -- Tobacco Working Group
  This was a joint industry and government (NCI) group of research executives who met for many years , supposedly to direct research with the aim of formulating a 'safe cigarette'. It was run by Dr Gori, and largely a charade in the latter stages.
UCB -- University of California at Berkley
  The home of Bruce Ames and Lois Gold.
UICC -- Union Internationale for Cancer Control
  A UN-related organisation based in Switzerland.
UK -- United Kingdom OR University of Kentucky
  "The UK study..." can mean either.
UKEMS -- UK EMS working group
  Involved in research on tobacco markers.
UNEP -- United Nations Environment Programme
  {information needed}
UPI -- United Press International
  A news distribution organisation (print and TV). It was available to distribute company material as if it were news. UPI was bought by Rev. Sun Myung Moon and his Unification Church (Moonies).
USCEA -- US Cigarette Exporters Association
  This organisation had strong political support for flogging cancer-sticks to under-developed countries well after the promotion of domestic smoking was being restricted in the USA
USCM -- US Conference of Mayors
  supported by grant from TI
USEPA -- US Environmenal Protection Agency
  A longer abbreviation for EPA sometimes used.
USHCC -- US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
  PM and RJR gave them about $100,000 per year for their support. They lobbied on the industry's behalf.
USTI -- United States/Tobacco Institute
  A term for the Tobacco Institute sometimes used outside the US.
VDC -- See Verband
  A German cigarette manufacturers umbrella group. Its role is PR and lobbying.
VERUM -- German name for "Behaviour and Environmental Foundation
  Another in the long list of fake tobacco foundations used to produce propaganda.
VNR -- Video News Release
  Video shot and edited by a company , but then circulated to TV stations who use it (usually without mentioning the source) as if it were legitimate news.
VOC -- Volatile Organic Compounds
  Pollutants in the air such as petrol fumes , etc. many of which are carcinogenic.
WA -- Western Australia
  The state which led the anti-smoking push in Australia in the mid-1980s.
WCS&R -- Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice
  Washington legal lobby firm which worked for tobacco industry extensively
WD&HOW -- WD & HO Wills
  The Australian subsidiary of BAT which operated as an independent company only to a very limited extent. Most of the decisions were made in the UK.
WHA -- World Health Assembly.
  the multi-national advisory body for the World Health Organisation.
WHO -- World Health Organisation.
  the United National agency charged with promoting global health. It has a research arm called IARC , and various branches, such as PAHO (Pan-American Health Organisation) and an overall advisory body, the WHA (World Health Assembly).
WIFE -- Women Involved in Farm Economics
  supported by grant from TI
WKA -- Walter Klein & Associates
  tobacco lobby firm
WLF -- Washington Legal Foundation
  The first of the conservative , business-funded 'legal foundations' set up to challenge activists via amicus briefs, and working also on behalf of the Republican party.
WOE -- Weight of Evidence
  A methodology used in scientific evaluation. The problem is who applies , what weigthts, to which evidence, and why.
WPP -- Wire & Plastic Products
  This was a shelf company taken over by Martin Sorrell and used to build an empire. it became a worldwide public relations & advertising conglomerate (one of three giants). Since 1985 it has progressively absorbed most of the tobacco industry's PR companies, advertising agencies, and polling services. It later had as its chairman, Hamish Maxwell, ex CEO of Philip Morris.
WRA -- Worldwide Regulatory Affairs (of Philip Morris)
  This began in June 1994 and combined political expertise from both the International and the USA domestic divisions. It came under the revamped Corporate Affairs.
WRO -- Washington Relations Office
  the Philip Morris corporate Congressional lobbyists in DC..
WSA -- Wordwide Scientific Affairs (of Philip Morris)
  (aka SA=Scientific Affairs) This division operated internationally and dealt with Smoking & Health issues. It took over the Whitecoats , and also ran some legitimate symposiums for (ie product-improvement) scientists
WTIG -- WashingtonTobacco Industry Group
  They ran the Whitecoats recruitment program; owned by Myron Weinberg's This company was supported by C&B until late 1991.
WTR -- Wireless Technology Research
  Set up by George Carlo for the CTIA as a front for 'pretend research program' into cellphone safety. They spent many millions of dollars "without ever getting a test-tube wet!"
XA -- Liggett cig. code name
  This was the palladium "safe cigarette"
XDU -- One of RJ Reynold's cig. codenames.
  In was eventually named the Premier which was a 'tube' cigarette (also codenamed 'Spa' for a while)
ZHC -- (Italian term - unknown).
  a scientific consulting group set up in Italy and run under the auspices of the PR company, SRC Associati.