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Campaign for Better Transport (formerly Transport 2000) is a UK based organization which campaigns on a variety of transport issues including public transport, road building, noise pollution and environmental effects of air travel.

"Public transport is the central plank of any sustainable transport policy. Many environmental and social problems are caused by our dependence on the car and subsequent rising traffic levels. But if more people are to use public transport for more journeys we need to see a step change in the quality and quantity of services." From Transport 2000 Public Transport Campaign [1]

Campaign for Better Transport is up front about its funding, some of which comes from companies who operate bus and rail services in UK. Their website, for example, is sponsored by ACIS, a company providing real-time information systems for public transport. Campaign for Better Transport campaigning is usually directed in favour of increased use of public transport and against the growth in private car use, which it considers unsustainable.


Accessed July 2012: [1]

Contact details

The Impact Centre
12-18 Hoxton Street
London N1 6NG
Phone: 020 7613 0743
Fax: 020 7613 5280
Email: info AT

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