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Traprock Peace Center was founded 1979 in Deerfield, Massachusetts, "to train and educate people locally, nationally, and globally, in matters relating to disarmament and nonviolence, as well as the Center's successful 1980 attempt to put a nuclear weapons moratorium ('Freeze') referendum on the national ballot." [1]


"Since its founding, Traprock Peace Center has stood the test of time, bearing witness to peace in the face of war --- nuclear war, The Contra wars, Star Wars, the Persian Gulf War, the continuing economic sanctions against Iraq, the recent bombing of innocents in Afghanistan, the plans to invade Iraq and to prepare space itself as a battle ground. We stand against the war waged every day by the military-industrial complex against the poor of the world --- indeed against the world itself, against nature and our life systems on this fragile planet." [2]

About Traprock

"Traprock fosters community, we provide peace education programs regionally and nationally - 2003 and 2002 archives; Calendar; we serve youth; we work with students nationwide, we welcome interns, and we have a long history of peacemaking, Our website provides important resources - as one example, Dr. Glen Rangwala's works on Iraq. We engage in national educational campaigns, such as the ban 'depleted' uranium campaign with Doug Rokke and campaign to shed light on Iraq's disarmament with Scott Ritter.

"Our homepage gives the most current resources and news of upcoming and recent events, with links to important resources. Also check out our website index, where you will find a table of contents and a Google search engine to access this sites extensive resources." [3]

Peace Center Core Group

The 6-member Core Group "acts as the peace center's governing board" and operates "by consensus." [4]

  • Sunny Miller, Executive Director, artist, teacher
  • Charlie Jenks, President, child rights lawyer, peace center website coordinator
  • Jamie Babson, Treasurer of the Core Group, Conscientious Investor, boards of Massachusetts Peace Action and Veterans Education Project
  • Sarah Thayer, Secretary, educator, animal communication expert, CO educator, and active with Native American justice issues
  • Eric Wasileski, veteran, conscientious objector (CO) educator, President of Wally Nelson Chapter of Veterans for Peace
  • Paul Ricklis, nurse

Contact Details

103A Keets Road
Deerfield, MA 01342
Phone: (413) 773-7427
Fax: (413) 773-7507

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