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Hello fellow Wikites! I found this Wiki through a posting on mailing list about Banana_Republicans. It looks interesting, so I signed on. I expect to be something of a WikiFaerie

My current(not current anymore, although I don't really disagree) thoughts on controversial stuff on wikis: (A selection from a post on my blog:

The most basic aspect is this: IF YOU DON'T OWN THE HARDWARE, IT'S NOT YOURS. The only way to set up a web site that includes content which no-one else likes or accepts is to own it yourself. Of course, this is not exactly true. The myth of the "free internet" was never true, and is not true now. ISP's have to make lots of deals with other powers-that-be to get their content passed on and widely available. Google is quite vulnerable to political pressure. However, there are ways around this... But most of them don't involve owning your own hardware, they involve switching providers faster than your foes can catch you. Spammers have made this into a "fine" art. So, owning you'r own hardware is not exactly a gurentee of indenpendence. However, there is a strong tradition of "the owner of the hardware has a right to decide what's on it". I belive this enough to feel it's foolish to complain when something is deleted from a site which you don't own. Then there's the issue of "if you do this, all the other contributers will leave". I guess this is just a judgement, and is made seperately by both parties. Regarding procedural issues such as a pending deleations page, I think common courtesy would suggest it is better to request fixes first. Then you might get a good page.

Hm. Let's see what this results in.