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More to come --jonasdr

I am Jonas Dalton Rand, an eleven year old youth interested in the free software movement. I am active on many other wikis, particularly Simple English Wikipedia. I am a known critic of Wikipedia's hierarchy and decision process. I have written several (non-published) essays, some of which I will put here. I am sometimes questioned about my age, whether I am a real person with this profile. However, I really am Jonas D. Rand (or Ionas), and not an adult pretending to be me. So far, I have not had any impersonators yet. I am a real person. I am a homeschool student who lives in Las Vegas, a place that is getting more commerce, development, and all of the things that history proves unnecessary, but keep happening. As someone who has too much on my plate, it's hard to distribute what I do in equal parts of time. I am