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I think you know why the numbers are back to front.

10. People who just want to be a dick.
9. Your favorite article being put on Votes for deletion.
8. Spam. Commercial links are not one bit welcome here.
7. Slackers. This page is out of date. Click on one of the "other languages" links further down that page and you'll see what I'm on about.
6. Admins who abuse their powers. I had to create a sockpuppet on Anarchopedia once to unblock (all logged-in users on Anarchopedia are automatically sysops) me and some other innocent users who were blocked by a block vandal.
5. Anonymous IPs who don't use edit summaries.
4. Users who "bite the newcomers" by saying that their tests are vandalism. They were newcomers once. So was I.
3. Sockpuppets.
2. Vandals. I used to be one, however. But I'm not. But I'm building some sort of museum where only the funniest examples of vandalism make it into my user space.
1. Edit wars which lead to a flooding of the Recent Changes, an ArbCom case (ArbCom is the Judge Judy-like entity on Wikipedia,) and protection of the wrong version.