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Hi, I'm "Underquilt," a 24 year-old male addicted to C-SPAN, politics, knitting, and quilting.

I would like to work on: Iraq insurgents. Who are these people? There's quite an extensive catalog of resistance activities at: (not working when I checked it)

The "war on terror." The Islamists are winning. UK is fasting growing Islamic nation, w/ groups like Al-Muhajiroun.

I heard Noam Chomsky speak on the "Cuban 5" and the harboring of terrorists in the US, connections to courting the Cuban vote, Bush's "immigration reform" ( feudalism), extremist groups in Miami?

Afghanistan, Pakistan, India.

I have contributed to:

Government-industry revolving door

National Endowment for Democracy

Halliburton Company

Club for Growth

George Walker Bush

Howard Dean

Laura Welch Bush