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  • Table of contents?

Good question -- the wiki software automatically creates one once there are more than three ==Headlines== on a page. So the creation of this entry should do the trick.--Bob Burton 19:36, 29 December 2009 (UTC)

  • Preferred capitallization of section headings? (Articles and Resources, or Articles and resources?)
the latter -- the principle would be the capitalization starts the heading and then lower case
  • It would be really nice to have a perfect page, to start with. Is Art Pope it, for now?
yes, that looks ok to me.
  • memory enhancement for SourceWatch (why does it keep forgetting who I am?)
I suspect that may be your browser settings. Not sure what browser you are using but you may have it set to clear cookies, authenticated sessions, cache etc everytime you shut the program down. So it would be worth checking those settings. (Are you using Firefox?)
  • "what's the preferred SourceWatch term for "someone in the media who works to hinder action on climate change"? e.g. for Kimberley Strassel"
there's no specific term for those in the media but, if she could be classified as one of the climate change skeptics then I'd include her on both the article page and in the category [[Category:Global warming skeptics]]

Page renaming

Hi Ahaynes,

Seasons greetings.

I'm back from a few days off and I noticed that you renamed the pages of on the Heartland Institute's 2008 and 2009 conference for sceptics. A couple of points:

  • I'm inclined to reinstate those pages under their original titles. The main reasons is that the uninitiated who see a reference to the conference on a skeptic sites, blogs or mainstream media won't necessarily know that it was organised by Heartland and are most likely to use the search parameter of "International Conference on Climate Change". If they do, the SW page will be no 3 (just below Heartland's pages and well ahead of Wikipedia's). If they use "International Conference on Climate Change" and Heartland, they will still get there anyway. There is a risk that the renaming actually will see our page drop in the rankings. While I agree that who sponsored the conference should be prominent, I think that is best done in the lead par (which it is) rather than the title of the primary article.

As a general rule, the primary page title should be on the most commonly used term and then secondary pages with name variants created as redirects pointing to the primary page.

  • if on other pages, you want to rename them, it is best to use the "move" function (which preserves the edit history of a page). (I will change your status to sysop so you have access to the move function - I'll email you about some other features). If you rename a page by creating a new page, copying the contents of the original pasge and pasting them to a new page and using the old one as a redirect, the entire edit history is lost. (See [ here for the new edit history for one of the pages on one of the Heartland conferences.) On some pages, losing the edit history doesn't matter, on others it does. But as a rule, it is best preserved.

Anyway, drop me a note and we can sort out which way is best to go. best wishes --Bob Burton 19:55, 27 December 2009 (UTC)

(I did drop you a note - Anna Haynes 05:37, 1 January 2010 (UTC))

re AEI & talk page

Hi Anna,

  • tks for your note re AEI -- I'll take a look;
  • re talk page -- there are two ways of handling your page. First you can just delete your old messages and keep the page reasonably clear. (Even if you delete it and decide later that there was something useful you want to access, you can do this by selecting an earlier archived page from the history tab on your talk page). Alternatively, if you want to keep them but not on your main talk page you can create a side page User talk:Ahaynes/Archive and dump old stuff there. It's up to you and whether there is anything you may want to return to later or not. cheers --Bob Burton 19:49, 1 January 2010 (UTC)