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Hello CompanyConfidentialUS,

I reverted the edits you made to the AirScan article and the categories list. The company you are adding, Security Logisitics LLC is listed on the PMC list. There has not been an article written on it yet, but the procedure for adding a company or article is to put it in double brackets so it is wikified. I reverted the edit to AirScan Inc. because I do not know what the relationship Security Logistics has with AirScan. I reverted the edit to the categories list because it was in the wrong place and I don't think that's the right way to add something to a category. For instance, if Security Logictics had an article, then you would add the category to that article and then it would appear on the categories page. You can certainly write that article if you wish and it would be welcomed, but I don't believe the categories lists contain unwritten profiles. Thanks for your interest. - Spacegrit October 11 2007 19:41