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Welcome to SourceWatch. I'm writing to inform you of a key policy of the site - that all information must be fully referenced. This can be as simple as adding a link to an online reference, or describing an offline reference in the text of the SourceWatch article. Please see SourceWatch:References and other help pages for more information.

Since your additions to the SourceWatch articles on Martin Cohen and Global warming skeptics lacked any references, I am moving the text to the article "discussion" page. Once references are added, the information can be moved back to the main article page.

best, Diane Farsetta 13:14, 29 October 2007 (EDT)

Hi, Diane, I have added some references - or tried to! It is all bona fide (thereare others, but hey...) - I am trying to provide the side of the issue that is suppressed - something that is what Source Watch is all about, I think. And yes, I am writing about 'myself' -! Emerald=Martin. So 'Martin Cohen' at least won't complain about this version of his views. I think I had arranged the information better before, perhaps you could reinstate any lost pragraphs?