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Welcome to Congresspedia and SourceWatch. As the Congresspedia editor I try to greet new users and offer any guidance I can help them get acquainted with the site. Your best reference is going to be the Congresspedia help page, which links to just about every other help or guideline page you’ll need. Please feel welcome to add other info in, the content we started with last week is only the beginning! Also feel free to use my talk page or email me at Conor AT

I noticed you added the article to Conrad Burns' page. While the article was really kind of a column, I noticed there were a number of news articles listed at the bottom of the article. I'd like to really encourage you to add actual content into Burns' and others' pages. In keeping with our policy on sourcing, you can just add the link that is the source of whatever you added in brackets like this: "[1]" and the site will automatically convert it into a footnote. Cool, huh? Also, it's always good to add whatever source you used into the list of articles and resources at the bottom of the page, as you have already done.

Best, Conor Kenny, Congresspedia Editor