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Hi Jsegura525, welcome to Congresspedia and SourceWatch! I wanted to thank you for your addition to the page on Heather Wilson and to let you know why I altered it. We looked at the RAW story article and the other content we had on there and came to the conclusion that while the information about Wilson moving the file and lying about it was very firm, the strongest that anyone, including the RAW story, would go on whether the police report or any other information about her husband's alleged misconduct was in that file, was that it "was believed" to be in there. No one would actually go on the record as saying the allegations were in that file nor could any reporter get someone to say anonymously that this was the case. Another issue is that while that police report was filed, it was only an allegation and no charges were ever filed. This leaves it as an unproven allegation of a personal nature (i.e. it was not related to Wilson's duties as a member of Congress) that was never prosecuted and was never shown to be part of the file that Wilson had moved.

So, I decided to drop the bit about the allegations about the allegations against her husband but leave in the bit about how she first stated that she had moved the file but then admitted she had. I hope you can see that in doing this we are trying to apply the same high standards across the board and generally keep innuendo out of our member of Congress profiles, even if they are probably true.

Please drop me a line at my talk page or send me an email at Conoremail.png - I'd be very happy to talk with you further about this or to help you out with any other information you'd like to add to Wilson's or anyone else's profile. (Have you seen all the candidates listed at the New Mexico portal? We've got articles on all the candidates in New Mexico, too. I also noticed that Congresspedia is the #4 hit for Heather Wilson and is high for many others, so anything you add will be read by thousands of citizens.) You may also find the Quick guide to editing useful. Thanks again and do let me know if I can assist you in putting anything else into Congresspedia!--Conor Kenny 13:21, 29 October 2007 (EDT)

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Oh, and I also wanted to point out that we highlighted your contribution in the "new additions" headline feed that shows up on the Congresspedia front page and all of the state portals.--Conor Kenny 13:44, 29 October 2007 (EDT)