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Hello Kolys,

Welcome to Congresspedia and SourceWatch. As the associate managing editor of Congresspedia, I try to greet new users and offer any guidance I can to help them get acquainted with the site. We appreciate your addition of a new page on the site, and hope that you will continue editing. I changed the name of the bill to match the "short title" cited on Thomas and OpenCongress, and also reformatted it a bit to our standard format for legislation pages. I encourage you to continue working on the page, though if you do so please try and add a link to an external source for all content that you add. If you would like, I can help you find and add these links.

While editing on the site in the future, your best reference is going to be the Congresspedia help page, which links to just about every other help or guideline page you’ll need. Feel free to use my talk page or email me at efullmer AT if I can be of any assistance.

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