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Hello Mr100percent,

Welcome to Congresspedia and SourceWatch. As the Congresspedia editor I try to greet new users and offer any guidance I can help them get acquainted with the site. Your best reference is going to be the Congresspedia help page, which links to just about every other help or guideline page you’ll need. Please feel welcome to add other info in, the content we started with last week is only the beginning! Also feel free to use my talk page or email me at Conor AT

I noticed that you made a contribution to Pete King's letters and contributions section. One of our primary guidelines on Congresspedia and SourceWatch is that every contribution needs to have an external, linkable souce. See our referencing guidelines for more details. Now, I do realize that before you edited the section it didn't appear to be perfectly sourced--that's a deficiency in some of our material as we gathered it up for Congresspedia's launch last month. So, I went in and fixed the material, clearly labeling the sources for all the information in King's profile. However, the only letters in those sources that were TO King were a bit rude themselves, so I couldn't find any source that would indicate that King reponds harshly when written to politely.

I've left the addition intact for now, but unless you can find a source for your contribution I'll have to delete it. Adding a source is easy, just put a link in single brackets and the system will automatically create a footnote. However, I don't want to discourage you from contributing to Congresspedia--we welcome anyone who wants to contribute documented facts to the record.

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Best, Conor Kenny, Congresspedia Editor