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Hi Sarah, welcome to SourceWatch. I have made some tweaks to a couple of your edits. A couple of points:

  • our normal style is to have the article title bolded and the first line written as a normal sentence;
  • for the references, the quotation marks go outside the brackets; I suspect you are writing the article in a word processing program and tehen copying iut across. The problem with this that the wiki software doesn't like some word processing formatting such as for italics;
  • all SW articles have standard end sections, which I have added to a couple of your pages such as on Bradley Birkenfeld; and
  • we aim to have each page include at least one category tag -- for pages on the Real Economy project, just add the category:Real Economy Project

You can see the changes I made on that page here. Would you be able to standardise the other pages you have created? With thanks --Bob Burton 08:08, 30 September 2009 (EDT)