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Sun123, I like what you did with the update on the company's decision to shut the plant. I took my 'update' out as I liked yours better and I don't think mine added anything. I did add another source note as I found the company's press release. I'm working on going thru the list of some 250+ plants that have or are about to retire by closing or converting so I can build up the list of sites in the categories lists. It seems to me the two categories below would be a richer resource if filled in. I'm finding many of the 250+ coal plants slated or actually retired are already documented in this database.

Category:Coal plant retirements

Category:Coal plant retirements in the United States

Hi- sorry, not sure who wrote this? But, yes, no doubt our US retirement pages are out of date. I have a database of US retirements if you'd like to use it to update these wiki pages. If that'd help send an email to

Sun123, thank you for the update. I'm weighing your offer of access to your database for the purpose of updating 'Coal plant retirements.' I'll send you an email.

user: joeverreau email: